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HaplogroupPotential Deep Ancestry
R1b 29.4% Celtic
R1a 26.7% Slavic
I1 8.6% Germanic
G/G2 6.8% North Caucasus
J1/2 5.6% Middle Eastern
E1b 4.9% East Africa/Med.
I2a/b 13.4% Balkan
N/N1 3.2% Finish/Estonian
F/C3 0.4% Central Asia
T1 1.0%
Total 100.0%
H "Helena" 41.0%
U "Ursula" 14.1%
X/W/I "Xenia" 7.3%
J "Jasmin" 9.0%
T "Tara" 11.6%
K "Katrine" 9.3%
V "Velda" 3.4%
Other L2 0.3% (Tuareg).
N1 1.7% (Jewish?)
C 0.3% (Central Asia)
HV2 2.0%

The female names given to various Haplogroup designations are taken from the book "Seven Daughters of Eve" by Dr. Bryan Sykes. According to Dr. Sykes, ninety five (95)% of all Europeans can be grouped in these seven haplogroups; others put the number of European haplogroups at 10-12. These additional "daughters" generally include haplogroups I, M and W[1]. A recent paper re-mapped European haplogroups as H, J, K, N1, T, U4, U5, V, X and W. Likewise, Sykes has identified an additional 29 "clan mothers" worldwide: "Fufei, Ina, Aiyana/Ai, Yumi, Nene, Naomi, Una, Uta, Ulrike, Uma, Ulla, Ulaana, Lara, Lamia, Lalamika, Latasha, Malaxshmi, Emiko, Gaia, Chochmingwu/Chie, Djigonasee/Sachi, Makeda, Lingaire, Lubaya, Limber, Lila, Lungile, Latifa and Layla." (Source: Wikipidea May 2010)