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The Project has identified and united current families in the Czech Republic with families living in the US.

There is a very interesting Y-DNA comparison study of the Moravian Valachs with samples from the Czech Republic and Central and South-Eastern Europe.  The study, published in June 2012, can be viewed at:

 The following data begins to provide some insight into the genetic substratum of the Czech Republic. One can see the genetic signatures of Slavs, Celts, and others 

                                                                          mtDNA STUDY RESULTS

                                                               Haplogroup                              Origin                         

                                                                     H                  43.4%          European            

                                                                   U                  11.1%          European             

                                                                   T                   10.8%         Near East             

                                                                   J                   10.3%          Near East             

                                                                   K                    5.4%          Near East              

                                                                   V                    6.0%          European           

                                                                   W                   3.3%          European            

                                                                   N                    2.1%          North East Africa

                                                                   X                    1.6%          Central Asia

                                                                   C                      .4%          Central Asia

                                                                   L2                    .4%           Sub-Saharan Africa

                                                                Total              100.0% 


                                                                    Y-DNA CHROMOSOME STUDY RESULTS

                                                                 Haplogroup                           Potential Origin

                                                                      R1a                 30.3%            Slavic     

                                                                     R1b                  27.1%            Celtic     

                                                                      I1                    10.9%            Germanic

                                                                      I2a                    9.8%            Balkan

                                                                       G                      6.5%            North Caucasus

                                                                        J                      5.5%            Middle Eastern/Mediterranean

                                                                        E                      5.0%            Mediterranean/East Africa 

                                                                        N                      2.6%            Finish/Estonian 

                                                                        F                       .5%             South Asia

                                                                        T                       .5%             Western Asia

                                                                        C                       .2%             Central Asia

                                                                        Q                       .2%             Central Asia

                                                                  Total                    100.0%               


Note: The term haplogroup is a large cluster of people who share a founding father or mother.  Although both mtDNA and Y chromosome DNA both begin with letters, there is no relationship between their designations.  

Eupedia,com contains some great background information on the origins and phylogenetic trees of both mtDNA and Y chromosome DNA haplogroups.

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