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We are thrilled to have four participants who have exactly the same mtDNA haplotype as the "Iceman". This is the frozen mummy found on the border of Austria and Italy. He is estimated to have lived over 5000 years ago.

Another interesting result is the detection of one example of sub-Saharan mtDNA (haplogroup L2).
In addition, the small percentage of Germanic genetic legacy is a surprise as is the large percentage of Celtic genetic signatures.

The Project has also identified and united current families in the Czech Republic with families living in the US.

There is a very interesting Y-DNA comparison study of the Moravian Valachs with samples from the Czech Republic and Central and South-Eastern Europe.  The study, published in June 2012, can be viewed at:

Surnames in the Czech Republic were adopted starting around 1500.


Czech Republic Cemetery Records - Bohemia and Moravia:

 Maps of the Austro-Hungarian empire (1877-1914) - New York Public Library Digital Collections:

official Czech records are being added to


Some Czech Cemeteries in Nebraska: