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December 2020 David has written up the results of the 5 37marker Kits and the descent from William Cuffley 1540-1619 which will be issued in a Newsletter. 

April-November 2020 A theory for the MCRA of David, Peter and Brian's lines has been proposed for William and Elizabeth Cuffley of Kings Walden. They had their children in the period 1573-1588. William was born in 1540 at Hexton Hertfordshire. This means all the other FGS (family group sheets) that connect to David and Peters lines are of William's descent.

March 2020 The 5 Kit results and three have the J-M267 Haplogroup and the others different groups but we can prove all their lines by documentary evidence and the 'glitch' in the biological record can be attributed to a known generation.

2019 5 Kits at 37 markers were distributed to members of the family and it is hoped we can confirm their family trees from the documented versions.

2017-18 A number of members have tested to Big Y level and the results show the closer relationships of members above the 111 marker level. More documentary work to discover our TMCRA. Watch this space

January 2012. Peter and David’s Haplogroup were tested and are the same J1c3d-L147.1. It is not surprising that this group is centred on the Hertfordshire and Middlesex areas of England (See Y-DNA-SNP Map-Beta)

October 2011. Peter and David’s YDNA tests showed at 12 markers one step difference.