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About us

The One Name Study of CUF(F)LEY has been the co-operation between David CUFLEY in England and Peter CUFFLEY in Australia since the early 1980's. Both have been researching the family surname since the 1960's.

David is a member of the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS), as well as Family History Societies in the UK. He is the representative of North West Kent Family History Society to the Federation of Family History Societies.

Peter is an author and historian and in 1999 his book, Family History Comes to Life was published.

The Surname is a topographical or locative name from the hamlet of CUFFLEY in Hertfordshire, England which is recorded as early as 1228. However, an early group of families in Hampshire may have taken their name from a location at Abbot's Anne, Hampshire called Cufley or Cuflee which is recorded as early as 902 AD.