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The Cufley surname is a topographic name based on the village in Hertfordshire, England. The place name is spelt Cuffley and this is the dominant variation in the surname. Historically members of the 'family' have been recorded under both spellings. There are also local variations created by the cleric i.e. in Enfield, Middlesex in the 18th century the surname could also be spelt COUFLEY or COUFFLEY. Since the start of the DNA study we have recognised a place in Hampshire near Abbots Ann part of a grant by King Edward the Elder in the year 902, which may be the source of the name in that county and account for a variation in the results. The Hampshire document study leads back to the early 17th century with a possible connection to New England in the USA. The research has been on-going since 1967 and is registered with the Guild of One name Studies (since 1983). An annual newsletter is issued to members of the 'Family' by email, which tells of the research during the previous 12 months.