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The Crow(e) DNA Group Study, 2003-2022

By Phillip D. Crow, Crow DNA Group Study Administrator © 14 January 2009
No portion of this guide/document may be copied or republished without prior written permission. Please note that the FTDNA Crow Surname Group Administrators are not FTDNA employees. They do not receive any form of financial payment or any other incentive or reimbursement.

The Crow(e) DNA Study was started in January of 2003 and the Study has grown to over 375 Crow testers from around the World and still growing! From these testers and their Y-Chromosome DNA matches the Study has now learned that in modern times there are 19 unrelated Crow, Crowe, Kroh, and variant spellings families living in the World today. These family groups have been assigned 17 color codes listed below, instead of using more letters or numbers, to group them into matching DNA family groups.

Color coded Crow family DNA groups in oldest to youngest order.

All Aqua Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.

Aqua DNA Kits 7160, 9534 & 89110 represented their reported John Crow that died about 1775 in Berkley County, Virginia, and married Mary Rush who was born 27 Nov 1714 in Pennsylvania.

Aqua DNA Kit 8774 represented his reported Thomas Crow born between 1738 & 1739 in Virginia, and died 11 May 1811 in Virginia. He reportedly married Deborah, maiden name unknown.

Aqua DNA Kits 9769 & 47300 represented their reported Robert Crow born 1 Jan 1751 died 2 Feb 1834 in Tennessee and married Nancy Campbell.

Aqua DNA Kit 9741 represented his reported William L. Crow born 1795 VA died 2 Feb 1867 in Illinois, married Sarah White (1801-1880) on 13 Sep 1821 in Davidson County, Tennessee. (Corrections on 15 Jul 2022 from tester)

Aqua DNA Kit 95983 represented his reported Robert S. Crow born about 1819 in Dyer County, Tennessee, died unknown. His father may have been James Crow born between 1780 and 1790 died before 1850, and appeared on the 1840 Dyer County, Tennessee, census.

Aqua DNA Kit 10328 represented his reported Walter W. Crow born about 1877 died 8 Jun 1938 in Cooke County, Texas. Walter married Mary Belle Durham (1888-1839) of Louisiana.

The Beige Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Beige DNA Kits 80030 & 85312 represented their reported Jacob Crow born about 1732 died 18 Aug 1822 in Greene County, Pennsylvania, married Susannah Sechrist of Pennsylvania.

All Blue Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Blue Crow DNA Kits 93760 and 220389 represented their reported Samuel Crow born 1756 in Maryland died 1819 in Kentucky. Samuel Crow reportedly married Elizabeth Brashear in 1793 in KY.

Blue DNA Kits 23277 and 45436 represented their reported Thomas Crow, born between 1755 and 1765 in Ireland, died 7 July 1838 in North Carolina. He married Hannah, maiden name unknown, that died in 1838 in North Carolina. They are reportedly buried at the Shiloh Presbyterian Church Cemetery located one mile east of Grover, North Carolina.

Blue Crow DNA Kits 33962 and 50624 represented their reported Thomas Crow born about 1757 in Ireland, married Isabelle SCARLETT.

Blue Crow DNA Kits N9907, 12126, 17405, 38882, 49594 and 49595, represented their reported Abraham Crow, Sr., born 29 Jul 1763 in Virginia, died 4 Oct 1848 near Campbellton, Campbell County, Georgia. Abraham Crow, Sr., was reportedly married twice, first to an unknown wife, and second to Maria/Mariah TIMMONS.

Blue Crow DNA Kit 45483 represented his John Crow born about 1770 in North Carolina and died 1 Nov 1828 in Darlington County, South Carolina. John Crow reportedly married Susannah STEVENS who was born 24 Apr 1776 in North Carolina, died 3 May 1860 in Darlington County, South Carolina.

Blue Crow DNA Kit 28988 represented his reported William Crow I who was born in Ireland before 1764 and died 18 May 1818 in Butler County, Pennsylvania. William Crow I reported son was William Crow II, born about 1780 in Ireland, died about 1832 in Princeton, Gibson County, Indiana. William Crow II married Elizabeth STEVENS in 1814 in Kentucky.

Blue Crow Kit 154491 represented his reported John H. Crow, born 1792 in Pennsylvania, died 1871 in Missouri, married Sarah Jackman in 1825 in Ohio.

Blue Crow DNA Kit 40128 represented his reported Thomas Pierce Crow born 30 May 1826 in North Carolina, died 14 Mar 1916 in Tennessee, reportedly married Elinor HARTMAN (1828-1902). They are buried at the Granny Walker Cemetery, Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Blue Crow DNA Kit 68699 represented his John Armstrong Crow born about 1827 in Tennessee, died aft 1880, married Maranda ROGERS who was born about 1837 in Tennessee and died 19 Dec 1886.

Blue Crow DNA Kit 7075 represented his John Alexander Crow, Sr., born 7 Feb 1825 in South Carolina, died 17 Jul 1924 in Cass County, Texas. He married Nancy Emma FENN on 13 Aug 1853 in Dooley County, Georgia. She was born 22 Jul 1833 in Georgia and died 21 Sep 1903 in Cass County Texas.

Blue Crow DNA Kit N56064 represented an unreported Blue DNA Crow family.

All Brown Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Brown Crow DNA Kit 17753 represented his reported George Philip Crow born about 1719 in Germany, died about 1780 in West Virginia.

Brown Crow DNA Kit 17168 represented his reported Henry Crow, Sr., born about 1760, died before August 1833 in Ohio County, Kentucky.

Brown Crow DNA Kit 24830 represented his reported William Frederick Crow born about 1773 in Maryland died unknown, married Mary HUMBERSON.

Brown Crow DNA Kits 25172 and 34342 represented their reported Phillip Crow, Sr., born about 1795 in Maryland, died 25 Dec 1887 in Marshall County, West Virginia. He reportedly married Rebecca TOLIO and Susan Unknown.

Brown Crow DNA Kit 27757 represented his reported Hiram Crow born about 1800 in Nelson County, Kentucky, died about 1847, reportedly married Elizabeth WHITLER and Mary ROGERS.

Brown Crow DNA Kit 34173 represented his reported Gideon Crow born 6 Sep 1815 in Kentucky, died 10 Aug 1899 in Kansas, reportedly married Mary Jane RINGO on 24 Oct 1839 in Hardin County, Kentucky. She was born 16 Feb 1819 and died 12 May 1895.

Brown Crow DNA Kit 18505 represented his reported Warren Crow, born about 1820 in Ohio County, Kentucky, died 7 Dec 1888 in Hancock County, Kentucky. He reportedly married, 1. Lucy COX, 2. Catherine FUQUA and Dorinda HOLDERMAN.

Brown Crow DNA Kit 55101 represented his reported William G. Crow born about 1825 and died 30 Aug 1862. William G. Crow is buried at Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Davids Island, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.

All Gold DNA Crows below are predicted Haplogroup I1, M253, by Family Tree DNA and all have ties to South Carolina before 1800.

Gold Crow DNA Kits 18348, 18815 and 34697 represented James Crow born in 1740 and died on 19 Dec 1833, probably in North Georgia, wife unknown. James Crow’s son Levi Crow was born 25 March 1782 in South Carolina, died 26 October 1850 Georgia, probably in Union County.

Gold Crow DNA Kits 18633, 31009 and 93846 represented Thomas Crow, Sr., born before 1756 and died in 1826 in Morgan County, Alabama. He married Elizabeth, maiden name unknown.

Gold Crow DNA Kits 30689, 30858, 37585 and 78165 represented William Crow, Sr., born before 1756 died in 1813 in South Carolina.. He married Mary Bowen.

Gold Crow DNA Kits 9130, 12590, 25887, 34412 and B269069 represented John Crow, Sr., born in the 1760’s, probably in South Carolina, died in North Georgia after 1840. John Crow’s only know wife was Elizabeth CLARK, also born in the 1760’s, probably in South Carolina.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 44962 represented Jacob Crow, Sr., born between 1771 and 1774 in South Carolina, died before 1808 in Jackson County, Georgia.

Gold Crow DNA Kits 28977, 43836 and 71118 represented James Crow born between 1771 and 1774 in South Carolina, died between 1841 and 1850 in Mississippi. He first married an unknown and then married Elenor Nellie MONTGOMERY on 1 Aug 1808 in Adams County, Mississippi.

Gold Crow DNA kits 7078, 8700, 51189 & 86482 represented Levi S. Crow born between 1771 and 1774, probably in South Carolina, died in the 1830’s in Tennessee. Levi reportedly married Sarah “Sallie” BUSEY.

Gold Crow DNA kits 6946, 6971, 7551, 7235, 21908 and 32869 represented Samuel Crow born between 1771 and 1774, probably in South Carolina. He married Susannah whose last name may have been WILLIAMSON. Samuel and Susannah Crow were last found on the 1840 census in Hall County, Georgia, and assumed to have died there before 1850.

Gold Crow DNA kits 10749, 58468, and 59946 represented Randle/Randolph Crow, Sr., born between 1776 and 1780 in South Carolina, died in 1849 in Franklin County, Georgia, married Barbara STONE before 1799 in South Carolina..

Gold Crow DNA Kits 18614, 19228, 27731 and 74875 represented Jonathan Crow born between 1776 and 1780 and died after 1840 in South Carolina married Jenny J. CASEY, also born between 1776 and 1780.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 26381 represented James M. Crow born about 1785 in South Carolina and died in the 1870’s in Habersham County, Georgia. He married Margaret, maiden name unknown, sometime before 1813 in South Carolina.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 11150 represented John C. Crow born in the 1790’s in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, died in the 1870’s in Forsyth County, Georgia. John C. Crow’s reported spouse was Mary "Polly" maiden name unknown.

Gold Crow DNA Kits 8685 and 54878 represented James Ellis Crow, Sr., born in 1790 in South Carolina and died in 1869 in Forsyth County, Georgia. James Ellis Crow reportedly married Lucretia COUCH and Temperance TEMPLETON.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 19296 represented James Crow born between 1800 and 1810 in Tennessee and died before 1850. He married Rosanna CHANNY on 20 April 1826, in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 37585 represented John Clark Crow born about 1802, probably in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, and died about 1854 in Tennessee, probably in the area of Henderson or McNairy Counties. He was married to Mary MOORE in South Carolina about 1827.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 43535 represented John Samuel Crow born about 1803 in South Carolina, died after 1880 in Georgia, married Maria, maiden name unknown, on 9 Dec 1830.

Gold Crow DNA Kits 10230 and 96744 represented Jonathan Crow born in 1806 Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Jonathan Crow’s spouses were Susannah CROW and Nancy RICE FOSTER.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 83274 represented Casey Aaron Crow born about 1810 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina and died on 24 Dec 1881 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He married Susan before 1822 in South Carolina. Some researchers have Susan’s maiden name as CASEY, although I have not seen any supporting documentation that she was a Casey.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 14616 represented John William Crow born about 1811 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, died in 1893 in Georgia. His 3 reported spouses were: Avis PORTER, Louisa A. (or Le Haseltine) maiden name unknown, and Sarah Ann LOONEY.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 21378 represented Abraham Crow born on 11 September 1811 in North Carolina died 19 Aug 1881 in Pickens County, Georgia, married Phoebe TOWNSEND about 1830. Phoebe was born 16 Sep 1811 in North Carolina, or Georgia, died in 1895 in Pickens County, Georgia.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 16132 represented James Crow born about 1812 in South Carolina, married Hester RAMSEY of North Carolina before 1838.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 72097 represented Silas A. Crow born about 1813 in South Carolina and died on 18 Feb 1885 in Euharlee, Bartow County, Georgia. Silas first married Ruth EVETT in 1834 in Habersham County, Georgia, later married Sarah Jane WHITE about 1860 in Georgia.

Gold Crow DNA kit 22362 represented Anderson Castleman born about 1823 and died about 1852 in Texas. He married Amanda J. TRAVIS in Apr of 1851, Johnson County Missouri. Anderson Castleman was probably a Gold Crow orphan based on his 67 marker Y-DNA test results.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 78276 represented John T. Crow born 1 Feb 1817 in South Carolina died 28 Feb 1898 in Texas. He married Minerva L. BROWN and then Sarah Georgia STANFORD.

Gold Crow DNA Kits 27889, 32838 & 39469 represented William Crow born 12 Apr 1819 in Jefferson County, Tennessee, died 6 Jul 1906 in Appanoose County, Iowa. He married Malinda RIGGS on 24 April 1839 in Grainger County, Tennessee. Malinda was born in 1822 in Grainger County, Tennessee, and died 15 Jan 1903 in Appanoose County, Iowa.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 24758 represented William Clark Crow, Jr., born about 1820 in South Carolina died in 1875 in Forsyth County, Georgia. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann STOVALL (1822-1908) on 26 January 1847.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 25396 represented Jonathan Erwin Crow born between 1814 and 1823 in Louisiana and his parents were born in South Carolina according to his 1880 census record. He married Charlotte GAINES before 1845.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 68914 represented Elias Laxton Crow born in 1825 in Georgia died in 1906 in Texas. He married Mary "Polly" MITCHELL in Georgia in 1849.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 44277 represented Peter Calloway Crow born in 1826 in Georgia and died in1899 in Arkansas. He married Rebecca, maiden name unknown, before 1850 in Georgia, and then Susan HARRIS in 1866.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 19322 represented John Clark Crow born about 1828 in Georgia died in 1863 in the Magnolia Hospital, Magnolia, Pike County, Mississippi. He married Laura "Lavenia" HARBIN about 1850 and they lived in Gwinnett County, Georgia, in1860.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 7030 represented Isaac Crow born in Jan 1826 in South Carolina, died 1 Nov 1893, South Carolina.
He married Elizabeth A., maiden name unknown (1826-1912).

Gold Crow DNA Kit 27085 represented William Marion Crow born 25 December 1833 in Tennessee died in 1904 in Hall County, Texas. He married Martha MACON on 20 Jan 1873 in McNairy County, Tennessee. She was born 9 May 1844 in Henderson County, Tennessee, and died 6 January 1927 in Hall County, Texas.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 78281 represented William Thomas Crowley born in 1844, in Alabama or New York, died in 1901 in Jefferson County, Alabama. He married Francis Drucilla CROCKER on 20 Jan 1873.

Gold Crow DNA Kit 31292 represented James Madison Crow born in the early 1850's in South Carolina, died 7 April 1931 Walhalla, Oconee County, South Carolina, married Sophronia ROGERS (1855-1947).

Gold Crow DNA Kit 83629 represented George Albert Crow born in 1855 Missouri died unknown, married Martha MEADE about 1883.

All Gray Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Gray Crow DNA Kit 23250 represented his unreported Springer family of England. Confirmed Haplogroup R1b1c

Gray Crow Kits 48750, 99582 and 99586 represented their George Washington Crow born 1822 in Kentucky, married Elizabeth Hopkins Barnes (1823-1880) on 15 Sep 1844 in Holt County, Missouri.

All Green Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Green Crow DNA Kit 28728 represented his reported Sir William Crow born about 1547 died about 1627, Vicar of Braddan, Rector of Bride. Owner of the Nappin, Isle of Man.

Green Crow DNA Kits 6090, 7198, 18921 and 23713 represented their reported Walter Crow born between 1714 and 1717 in Maryland died 1789 in Kentucky married Ann MILLER (1720-1811).

Green Crow DNA Kit 18390 represented his Charles Crow, Sr., born about 1716 in North Carolina died in 1802 in Newberry County, South Carolina, married Elizabeth, maiden name unknown. His son, Charles Crow, Jr., married Sarah HARLAN and lived in Perry County, Alabama.

Green Crow DNA Kit 44943 represented his William Crow born about 1788 in South Carolina died 1878 in Banks County, Georgia, married Juda WORSHAM (1796-1882) in 1818 in South Carolina.

Green Crow DNA Kit 78653 represented his reported William Crow born about1800 Tennessee died in 1855 in Jackson County, Illinois.

Green Crow DNA Kit 31135 represented his reported William Crow born about 1810 in Kentucky died unknown, reportedly married Elizabeth B. ADAMS and Caroline LANE. Confirmed Haplo Group R1b1c by Family Tree DNA.

Green Crow DNA Kit 18801 represented his reported Benjamin Crow born between 1816 and 1819 in Kentucky, died unknown, reportedly married Elizabeth Ann RAY in 1850 in Illinois.

Green Crow DNA Kit 78202 represented his reported Francis Marion Crow Sr. born in 1863 Illinois died in 1950 in Oklahoma married Malvina HISER (1867-1967) in 1866 in Cooke County, Texas.

Ivory DNA Kit 20458 represented their reported John A. Crow born 1825 in Seneca County, Ohio, died 1890 Marion County, Illinois, married Delila BENNETT in 1848 in Ohio.

Ivory DNA Kit 64603 represented their reported George Samuel Nash Crow born 1827 in Chelmsford, Essex, England died 1857 in England, married Elizabeth NEWMAN (1829-1915) in England. Confirmed Haplo Group G by Family tree DNA.

Lime Crows/Grohs testers report they represent Mathias born c1710 and died 1771 in Bethel Township, then in Lebanon County PA. 

All Navy (blue) Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Navy DNA Kits 11324 and 17858 represented their reported William Crow born 1726, of Virginia, died 04 April 1795, married Margaret Lewis in 1761 in Virginia.

Navy DNA Kit 63209 represented his reported William Crow born about 1772 in Massachusetts died 20 Feb 1846 in Montgomery, Hampden, Massachusetts, married Abigail Avery in 1801 in Massachusetts. Confirmed Haplogroup R1b1c.

All Orange Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup G by Family Tree DNA.
The Orange Crow family group currently has 5 Y-DNA testers, all in predicted Haplogroup, G.

Orange DNA Kits 6949, 14580, 18898 and 18900 represented their reported William Crow born about 1810 in South Carolina died in 1865 Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, first married Nancy Harriet Claridy in South Carolina and second to Susan E. McEver in 1855 in Georgia.

All Pink Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup I1c by Family Tree DNA.
Pink DNA Kit 32319 represented his reported Johann Godfrey Kroh, reportedly born in Germany, possibly married Elizabeth German in Pennsylvania, and Barbara Haberling\Haverling, before 1770. Kit 32319 has a match with another Crow tester outside of the Crow(e) DNA Study.

All Plum Crows below are confirmed in Haplogroup I1a by Family Tree DNA.
Plum DNA Kit 92533 represented an unreported Plum Crow family

Plum DNA Kit 73276 represented his Michael Crow I, born 1766 in Pennsylvania, died in 1864 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, married Hannah Emma Huhn of Pennsylvania.

Plum DNA Kit 9327 represented his reported Leonard Crow born about 1765 died 24 Nov 1826 in Jessamine County, Kentucky, reportedly married Mary, maiden name unknown. Mary died in 1838 in Jessamine County, Kentucky

All Purple Crows below are predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Purple DNA Kits 8145 and 12011 represented their reported Jesse Crow born 3 Mar 1819 in South Carolina died 25 Apr 1875, married Jane Daniel (1818-1861) 19 Jun 1845 in Georgia.

Purple DNA Kit 31226 represented his reported Asa Crow, born about 1815 in South Carolina, died in 1871 in Arkansas, married Mary Boatwright about 1833.

All Red Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup E3b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Red DNA Crow Kits 6998, 18049, 27813, 94832 & 107490 represented their reported Isaac Crow born 5 Jul 1782 in South Carolina died in 1832 in Lauderdale County, Alabama, married Eliza, maiden name unknown.

All Silver Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Silver DNA Kits 7973, 20557, 23514, 25031, 26994 & 107663, represented their reported James Crow who first married Hannah Simpson and then Grace Denson. James Crow was reportedly born on 11 Nov 1713 in Maryland and died in 1794 in North Carolina by many researchers. Some believe James Crow’s father may have been John Crow, born January 01, 1739/40 in Maryland, but is unproven.

Silver (formerly Blue) DNA Kit 22112 represented his reported James Crow, born between 1755 and 1759, moved from Georgia and died in 1815 in Gibson County, Indiana. He married Hannah BLACK around 1878 in Wilkes County, Georgia. Hannah was born about 1759 and died 11 Apr 1843 in Pike County, Indiana.

Silver DNA Kit 25661 represented his James Crow reportedly born about 1731 in Virginia and died on 27 Jul 1797 in Virginia. He reportedly married Elizabeth Givens.
Silver DNA Kits 20230, 27591, 39792 & 55668, represented their reported John Crow that married Sarah (maiden name unknown). This John Crow was reportedly born on 23 Feb 1736 in Maryland and died 25 May 1815 in Chatham County, North Carolina.
Silver DNA Kit 86207 represented Reuben Crow born about 1788 in North Carolina according to the 1850 Hall County Georgia Census. Reuben Crow and his wife, Mary, are buried at White Sulpher Methodist Church Cemetery in Hall County Georgia according to “Tombstone Inscriptions of Hall County Georgia,” by; Sybil Wood McRay.
Silver DNA Kits 7428 & 7606 represented their reported James Crow born about 1794 in Virginia died 1842 in Arkansas. He reportedly married Kizziah M. Cornelius 30 Sep 1821 in Union County, Illinois.
Silver DNA Kit 24647, represented his reported, Joshua Crow, born 17 Oct 1807 in North Carolina and died 11 Apr 1897 in Linn County, Kansas. He reportedly married Winifred Loughlin on 12 Jan 1826 in North Carolina.
Silver DNA Kit 54681 represented his reported John B. Crow born about 1810, died in 1870 in an Indian fight at Connor’s Creek, Young County, Texas. He reportedly married Minerva Elizabeth Willis.
Silver DNA Kits 6955 & 8705 represented their reported Isaac Crow born 31 Oct 1819 in Clarke County, Georgia, died 24 Jun 1891 Brown County, Texas. Isaac Crow reportedly married 3 times, Rhda Lee, Dorcas Jane Stewart, and Lavina Clire.
Silver DNA Kit 58246 represented his William Hatley Crow born about 1825 and died after 1880. He married Martha C. Parchman on 11 Sep 1856 in Cass County, Texas.
Silver DNA Kit N45737 represented his Edgar Willis Crow born 7 Feb 1868 Tennessee died 31 Jul 1947 Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas. He married Mary “Mollie” Elizabeth Young on 8 Jul 1894 in Hill County Texas. Edgar Willis Crow was the son of James Robert Crow and Armedia Hassler of Roane County Tennessee.
Silver DNA Kit 7426 represented their reported William Marion Crow born about 1832 Tennessee died 24 Mar 1919 Laclede County, Missouri. He reportedly married Sarah Bolles. Recent evidence has been found in an old obituary that states William Marion Crow was the son of Denson Crow who was a brother of Adolphus H. Crow, son of John H Crow of Ireland that married Susan Waggoner of North Carolina.
Silver DNA Kit 32716 represented his Carl Marion Crow reportedly born 2 Feb 1928 Rossville, Georgia, died 18 Jun 1989 in Richland County, Ohio.
Silver DNA Kit 43222 represented his Richard Francis Crowe reportedly born 6 Dec 1932 Pennsylvania, died 9 Jun 2001 East Hampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

All Tan Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup Q by Family Tree DNA.

Tan Crow DNA Kits 27781 and 30918 represented their reported Granville Crow that may have died in 1853 in Missouri and reportedly married Mary Waters who born in 1825 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. died in 1851 in Jackson County, Arkansas.

All Teal Crows below are in predicted Haplogroup R1b1 by Family Tree DNA.
Teal Crow DNA Kits 20234, 28723 and 42498 represented their reported Samuel Crow born between 1766 and 1784 in South Carolina and probably died before 1850 in Lauderdale County, Alabama. He married Rebecca, maiden name unknown, born 1781 in South Carolina and died 26 Dec 1869, buried at the Hale Cemetery in Lauderdale County.

All three testers descend from their son, Isaac Franklin Crow (1803-1853) that married Mary Frances Cocke (1806-1858) on 19 Mar 1828 in Lauderdale County, Alabama.

Can’t find your link to one of these 17 tested and color coded DNA Crow groups?

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Phillip D. Crow, Crow(e) DNA Group Administrator and Gold Crow 6946

What are haplogroups?
Haplogroups are genetic population groups that identify where in the Y-DNA or mtDNA tree of humanity you fit in. Haplogroups are what allow us to identify how large groups of people migrated from Africa around 60,000 years ago to different parts of the world.

What is a haplogroup?
One way to think about haplogroups is as major branches on the family tree of Homo Sapiens. These haplogroup branches characterize the early migrations of population groups. As a result, haplogroups are usually associated with a geographic region. If haplogroups are the branches of the tree then the haplotypes represent the leaves of the tree. All of the haplotypes that belong to a particular haplogroup are leaves on the same branch. Both mtDNA and Y-DNA tests provide haplogroup information, but remember that the haplogroups nomenclature are different for each.

Y-DNA haplogroups
A Y-DNA haplogroup is defined as all of the male descendants of the single person who first showed a particular SNP mutation. A SNP mutation identifies a group who share a common ancestor far back in time, since SNPs rarely mutate. Each member of a particular haplogroup has the same SNP mutation. For a single page graphic representation of the Y chromosome haplogroup tree, please see the Haplotree.