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Mike Crow Mike Crow
May 25 @ 4:47pm
For those Crows grouped in colors that are not represented with very many BigY700 kits, I cant stress enough in having your kit upgraded to the BigY, along with a close male relative test to the BigY as well. This approach brings your terminal haplogroup into modern times, and you can better determine genetic distance. Entry level Y-DNA testing does not do much for your family tree in the last 5-10 generations. Having two members test in your immediate family will brake up the private variants in your block tree, this bottoms up approach can work wonders for your group, like it has with the Golds, If you have more questions feel free to email me
Mike Crow Mike Crow
May 24 @ 11:23am
If anyone wants to jump ahead of the Fathers day sale, I have promo codes for every DNA kit. Just email me if interested. They are good until May 28th
Timothy McDonald Timothy McDonald
May 18 @ 10:04am
Is it possible to find out which Crow line our family descends from without doing Y-DNA? There are both males and females in our direct Crow line so both MTDNA and YDNA aren't possible. Through records, we have traced our line back to William Larkin Crow (1814-1870) born in Tennessee (married Sarah Sutherland). On Ancestry, some have his father as Isaac Crow (1782-1832) but I don't see this as a possibility for many reasons - Isaac doesn't mention William in his will, wasn't in Tennessee, has another son born that same year . . .
Phillip Crow
May 18 @ 3:43pm
Timothy, I do not know of a way without a Y-DNA test from a male Crow descendant of Larkin Crow. I was not even aware he had two first names. I looked at some of those online trees and it seems like the same old story, one person probably started and other just copied.
Mike Crow
May 19 @ 10:27am
Tim, If you haven't already take the DNA test at ancestry. Then upload your result to FTDNA, My Heritage and Gedmatch for free. Having your DNA on each of these sites will optimize your chances at seeing your DNA cousins, you will likely gain a better understanding from which early group you descend from
Phillip Crow Phillip Crow
May 5 @ 6:32pm
Big Y Gold Crow SNPs as of 5 May 2020
Michael Crow Michael Crow
May 5 @ 12:43pm
My sister is doing most of the research on my 5th Great Grandfather, James Crow, and his son John, and asked me to post this due to the many, many James and John Crow's there were 300 year ago.
Michael Crow
May 5 @ 12:43pm
Hello fellow Crow(e)s Some of you are making big advances with your genealogy both in the traditional way and through FT-DNA groups. I have a small request, could your please identify the color group you belong to on your online trees. I continue to search daily for information on our SILVER Crow line, on Google, Bing, Ancestry etc and it would be SO helpful if after I follow a link/person to a tree that I immediately know what color Crow I am looking at, since all the lines are so prolific with James and John Crow(e)s Thanks, Valerie Crow Vavruska, sister of Mike Crow (Silver Line)
Phillip Crow Phillip Crow
April 17 @ 10:32am
Jeffrey Crowe
April 18 @ 2:37pm
Very good summary of where your Gold Group is at in the DNA research. Is this blog only for the Gold group members? Can some else contribute their findings if they are part of another color group?
Phillip Crow
April 18 @ 6:31pm
Jeffrey Crowe, you can contribute your finding here in this group, but on April 4th, below, Mike Crow wrote, "Gold" Crows are always welcome
Robert Crowe Robert Crowe
April 13 @ 5:30am
Does anyone know if the line of Sarah Elizabeth Crow/William Belvey Bellven "Will" "Bill" Crowe/Grady Lee Crowe have tested ? This line would be so intresting ?!?!
Phillip Crow Phillip Crow
April 11 @ 8:37am
Phillip Crow
April 11 @ 8:40am
There may be a sale coming from FTDNA any time now, a great time to take advantage of a Big Y test and find out your terminal SNP!
H Nealy H Nealy
April 5 @ 4:27pm
Hi, this is Nancy Neely, the DNA admin for HNealy. It is now publicly acknowledged that Mr Nealy’s paternal DNA is NOT Nealy, starting at about the 4th generation. But, his 2nd Great-grandmother, on paper, was Margaret Crowe Nealy and Mr Nealy does match Crowe descendants at the Y-67 level.
H Nealy
April 5 @ 4:28pm
Oops... hit wrong key. So, it is possible that Margaret Crowe and James Nealy adopted their youngest son, Michael, from another related Crowe family. Michael was baptized on 24 Sept 1875, in Scragg, Tipperary. Does anyone else have CROWEs from that time and area ? Perhaps, a parental group where one or both died unexpectedly. Thanks. Mr Nealy’s DNA is also on FamilyFinder, MyHeritage, and Gedmatch.
Michael C. Crow Michael C. Crow
April 4 @ 7:45pm