Cornwell Y-DNA Study

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About us

This is a Y-DNA surname study.  Please complete a thorough search of all Family Tree DNA's projects to insure our study is the best one for you. 

The Cornwell Y-DNA Study is open to all male participants who bear the Cornwell surname or a variant. [When we refer to Cornwell, we are including all variations].

The Y-chromosome only exists in males. It is passed from fathers to sons. To participate you MUST be Cornwell male, descend directly in an unbroken paternal (male-to-male) line from a Cornwell male or match a current member of the study.  Ladies, you are extremely valuable to our research. Since you do not carry the Y-chromosome, you can locate and sponsor a male Cornwell relative to test on your behalf.  We recommend the Y-DNA37 or greater tests. The project receives a special price for tests, so please join before ordering your test. You MUST share your direct Cornwell lineage with the administrators. Reviewing submitted lineages in conjunction with DNA results makes for a more comprehensive interpretation of the findings.

If you are interested in the project but can not meet the requirements, please consider donating to our general fund. The general fund has been established to assist in testing costs.  If you would like to "target" a specific lineage or branch to be tested, please let us know. You can sponsor them to be tested by earmarking a donation to our general fund.