Cornwell Worldwide Y-DNA Study

A Y-DNA study for tracing your male Corn*ll lineage
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About us

This is a Y-DNA surname study.  Please READ BELOW to find out if our study is the right one for you?

The Cornwell Y-DNA Study is open to all male participants who bear the Cornwell surname or a variant of it. [When we refer to Cornwell, we are including all variations].

The Y-chromosome only exists in males. It is passed from fathers to sons. To participate you should be a Cornwell male yourself, and descend directly in an unbroken paternal (male-to-male) line from a Cornwell male.  Ladies, you are extremely valuable and welcome to our project of course, but since you do not carry the Y-chromosome you are by yourselves not eligible.  However, if you can locate and sponsor a male Cornwell relative to test on your behalf we would be very pleased to welcome you into the project. 

We recommend (as a minimum), the Y-DNA 37 marker test, at least to begin with, you may want higher resolution Y-DNA tests if you find you match a family already in the project?  We ask that you share your direct Cornwell lineage with us upon joining, by sending us a very basic list of your direct Cornwell male ancestors.   Reviewing your lineage in conjunction with your DNA results can make for a more comprehensive interpretation of the findings.

If you are applying to join the project but have not yet tested, please state whether or not it is your intention to test as soon as you become a member, you can do this via the join button in the graphic header above?  You may benefit from a small discount if you join the project first and discuss placing your order with an administrator beforehand. 

If funding your desired test is an issue, please talk to one of our administrators using the email link just to the left-hand side, we may be able to help you?  There's no time like the present to get your Cornwell Y-DNA tested, we will do our best to help all new members wishing to test their Y-DNA?

If you are interested in the project but cannot meet the requirements for some reason, please consider donating to our general fund or contact us for a simple chat. The general fund has been established to assist in future testing.  If you would like to "target" a specific lineage or branch to be tested, please let us know. You can sponsor them to be tested by earmarking a donation to our general fund.

With regard to applications from people who have Autosomal DNA results only (Family Finder), please be aware, there is no real benefit to joining, as you will not be able to see any new matches or information to your advantage.  For this reason we do not accept family finder only members, but please do come back when you are ready to order a Y-DNA test.

Finally, we occasionally get enquiries looking for a group that is linked to the English County of Cornwall, please be aware that there is another location-based Cornwall project that caters for this.