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Based on preliminary DNA results and lineages (provided by the members), subgroups have emerged. 

The progenitor of some groups have not been identified. The group will be grouped by their earliest documented ancestors.

The groups are as follows:

Group 1: Dennis Cornwell(c1655-c1722) Stafford, Virginia, USA
Group 1a: Samuel Cornwell c1786 Prince William Virginia, USA
Group 2: William Cornwell(c1609-1677/8) Essex, England & Middlesex, Connecticut, USA AND Thomas Cornell (1594-1655/6), Essex, England and Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
Group 3: Edward Cornwell(c1736-<1823) Halifax, Virginia, USA & Rutherford, North Carolina, USA AND John Cornwell(<1743-c1778) Prince William, Virginia, USA.
Group 4: Elijah Cornwell(<1760-1827) Dinwiddie, Virginia, USA & Jasper, Georgia, USA AND Joseph Cornwell(1794-1859) Wythe & Smith Counties, Virginia, USA.
Group 5: Richard Cornwell (1755-1844) Buckinghamshire, England
Group 6: Yeates Conwell (d bef. 1724) and Rebecca Fisher of Delaware, USA

The remaining members have been subgrouped by haplogroup with no implied relationship; further DNA testing and future increased membership may connect existing members to a group or create new groups who share a common ancestor.