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About us

Due to all the changes and restrictions done to FTDNA projects/groups lately, all group categorization and assistance is very difficult and sometimes impossible. There will be delays in all categorization. So please be patient. Also note that you must give project administrators Limited or Full access to get any help at all, otherwise your results and information is hidden (and there is little point in being a member).we request ( some )family history on any one that does test.

We have identified  Many McDowell Family Lines that have documented Paper Trails and genealogies on quite a few.

We are always looking for new members to be included, and McDowell's to test. We are open to any one to be in the project as long as they feel they have McDowell connections including non paternal events.

The project results are Only on our Group page on this website, the results are for testing members only. 
We have a Private group on Facebook  where we share about genealogy. look for "the McDowell DNA and Genealogy Group"

and request to join and answer the 3 questions and I will approve you in the group

We are going for the Gold, we are in this for the LONG HAUL....
NOTE: All  MacDowall's McDowell's are Welcome to our Project and we want to share our results, with you.

Thanks Charlotte