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To Insure Privacy,Integrity, And Fellowship Of Family Researchers To discover those related, To Aid Members in the research of Their Trees.The McDowell Surname DNA Project was established to create a databank of DNA profiles of McDowell lineages to aid in genealogical research. DNA analysis assists in supporting or refuting the premise that participants descend from a common ancestor. Testing is done by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), affiliated with Dr. Michael Hammer and the University of Arizona, will be testing the Y-chromosome for genetic matches between males. Results are placed in FTDNA's Y-DNA database and when 2 people show matching results, the lab will inform both parties (provided both signed the FTDNA Release Form).

Please visit the FTDNA website for more information and an explanation of Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA). To join the McDowell Surname DNA Project. Type in the Name McDowell under the Surname Prompt at PLEASE NOTE! Before you Request to Join this Project be prepared to Give the Administrator some Family History. and Also be ready to communicate with the Others in the Project... We have found Our Objectives can best be accomplished when testing members work together to discover their DNA Connecting Ancestors.. If you need assistance, please contact us, Before Requesting to Join the Project. The lab tests the y-chromosome which is passed down through an unbroken male lineage (father to son to son, etc.), You must be a MALE with the McDowell surname or Variant of the Name to participate in This Project. In order for a female to determine her paternal ancestry, she must use the y-chromosome of a male on her father's side - her brother, father, father's brother, grandfather, etc.

The following Y-chromosome DNA tests are available. Please see the FTDNA website for availability of other types of DNA testing.