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About us

If you would like to know more about your CHADWELL ancestry and its relationship to other Chadwell lineages, you've come to the right place!  If you don't know your complete Chadwell lineage, we'll help you discover it.  We maintain extensive records on Chadwell genealogy and would be happy to assist you in researching your tree.  By combining paper records with DNA results, we are able to learn much more than we ever could previously!

Sample Chadwell 10-Generation Tree

If your paper trails have run out and you've hit a "brick wall," DNA testing is the best (maybe only) way to break through that brick wall.  The answers to your ancestry questions are coded in your DNA, and we're here to help you with your Chadwell surname lineage.  Chadwell y-DNA is quite distinctive, which makes it easier to figure out relationships than with some other surnames.  Several members of our group have solved "unsolvable" Chadwell genealogical mysteries with the help of DNA testing.  We can help you break through your Chadwell brick walls too!

Genealogical DNA results are meaningless by themselves.  They only have value when compared to the results of others.  Chadwell Project members will have the opportunity to compare their results and family trees to other Chadwell Project members who have taken the same tests.  All Chadwell Project member y-DNA results are displayed on our Results page which is only visible to other members of the Chadwell Project.  Results are identified only by kit number and most distant ancestor.  Your name will never appear on our website.  Your family tree, which will be posted with your Family Tree DNA profile, will only be shared with your DNA matches and will not be published on the Chadwell Project's website. 

All Chadwell males interested in taking a y-DNA test and joining the Chadwell Project are welcome to contact us regarding the possibility of additional discounts or coupons. Chadwell Project members enjoy discounted prices on many Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) tests.  The best y-DNA prices for those not already in a project are available from the "Project Pending" Group Project.

Members of the Chadwell Project are entitled to participate in our Activity Feed forum.  This is a great place to ask questions, share genealogy information, and post pictures.  When discounts are made available to us, they will be posted on the Activity Feed.  The Activity Feed is available and visible only to logged-in members of the Chadwell Project.

The Chadwell Project gives priority to protecting your privacy and honoring your privacy choices.

Sponsored Tests

Sponsored free y-DNA-37 tests, including membership in the CHADWELL Project, are available to men with the surname of Chadwell, as follows:

  • Recent non-US Chadwell ancestry*
  • Descendants of the following:**
  • Charles Chadwell (d. 1886 in Williamson County, Illinois)
  • William Chadwell of Iowa (b. abt 1716)  [Application approved]
  • David C Chadwell of Texas (1790-1872)
  • Chadwell males with New England ancestry from the 1700s  [Application pending]
  • Chadwell males born in Kentucky or Missouri in the early 1800s

Partially-sponsored Big Y tests are available to members of the Chadwell Project, as follows:

  • Descendants of a Chadwell whose Most Distant Known Ancestor (MDKA) was from Virginia, USA - $100 partial sponsorship*
  • Members of the Chadwell Project who match at y-DNA-37 or above a proven descendant of a Chadwell whose MDKA was from Virginia, USA - $100 partial sponsorship

*Multiple sponsorships available
**One sponsorship available

Sponsorships are on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to administrator approval.  Must provide ancestry through your CHADWELL great grandfather.  Must be willing to share your CHADWELL ancestry and results with DNA matches.  Limit one per family please.  To apply or for questions, please contact a project administrator.