Cameron YDNA Project

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About us

To date, we have identified the yDNA signatures for:
- Macgillonie of Strone
- Macmartin of Letterfinlay
- Macmartin of Blarachaorin
- Macmartin of Corriechillie
- Macmartin of Camuserracht (Rannoch)
- Cameron of Clunes
We also have one group that clearly represents another cadet, but we have not yet identified which one.

We are actively seeking testers from the following lines:
- Lochiel
- Erracht
- Fassiefern
- Macmartin of Kinlochleven
- Macmartin of Stroneaba
- Macmartin of Ratullochbeg
- Macmartin of Ratullochmor
- Macgillonie offshoots including Inveruiskavouline, Glenpeanbeg, Muirshearlich
- MacSorley (we have one tester, but urgently need more to prove the line)
- Callart
- Lundavra
- Culchenna
- Dungallon
- Glendessary