Cameron YDNA Project

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About us

The goal of the project is the identification of ther yDNA mutations that delineate the direct Lochiel line, the lines of the founding 'tribes' (Macgillonie, McMartin, McSorley), and the numerous cadet lines. In addition, we aim to identify and categorize the many yDNA signatures belonging to Camerons who are not descended from the line of the Chiefs or from one of the original 'tribes'.

Lastly, we are seeking evidence that might validate or disprove any of the many legends regarding the origins of Clan Cameron. This necessarily involves analysis of results for other Clans that appear to have genetice links with the Camerons (for Group A of the project, the main stem of the Clan, this is so far some MacPhees, some Macnabs, a group of Grants, and a small group of MacMillans).