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In the process of identifying the above groups, we have gained a good representation of the names Cain, Kane and Keane which have proved to be interchangeable. Surname spelling has proved far less important and less rigid than many people thought. In regional terms, we have developed a good membership base of people whose ancestors settled in Virginia, North Carolina and other parts of the United States. The State of Victoria in Australia is also gaining a membership base in this project. We welcome Les "Killer" Kaine, Australian Football champion with the Hawthorn Football Club. In linguistic terms, it is clear that Cain and it's variants are Celtic. In ethnic terms the majority of out project members have links to Ireland. While the claim that some Cains are Manx, very few Manx Cains have emerged thus far. Those that have are of Viking origin. And no English Cains, but perhaps the English Cains are of Irish origin anyway. Some of those from the major English Cain population Hampshire seem to have Irish connections. In haplogroup terms, most Cain (etc) folks are positive for rs34276300, which distinguishes the native Celtic population of Britain and Ireland from invader stock. .