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Kit Cain Kit Cain has a question!
July 26 @ 1:21pm
Rory, I need a lot help here. So my 4th great grandfather is not a Cain. I have found evidence that his Ephraim who was married to a Rebecca McDaniel was married by a minister of the methodist church in Pulaski County Kentucky by the name of Seburn Crutchfiefd and recorded at the clerks office of Pulaski County . The names of the couple where Ephraim McCain and Rebecca McDaniel on the 9th day of March 1828. There is no evidence that this is William's Ephraim but I like to think it is and gives me confidence in the Big Y linking me to other McCains. How do I go about finding William Cain/McCain's parents? William had a son Ephraim my third great grandfather. There was also Ephraim McCane listed in 1830 Pulaski County census. William lived in Pulaski and Russell counties (they border each other) from 1810 to 1860 plus or minus. Ephraim was neighbor some of the time.
Rory Cain
July 29 @ 8:37pm
Kit, the original form of your name was MacEain meaning "son of Eain" rather than Ó Catháin, meaning "descendants of Cahan". MacEain originated in Argyll and at some time relocated to the root of the Inishowen Peninsula in Ireland where it became McCain. Most retain the "Mc" but evidently your family dropped it. You have clearly consulted birth, death & marriage records, plus cencus records. Like me, you reached the end of the paper trail and turned to DNA. Perhaps your best chance now is whenever a close Y-DNA match appears. They may have parts of the family tree that you don't have. I'm in the same situation, with my DNA matching descendants of Patrick Cain of Grayson Co KY. I'm finding many folks have made assumptions and muddles the tree with unrelated Cains. I'm thinking you probably have the facts right. The problem is finding further supporting evidence. It may be hard to find that on paper. You may have to rely on DNA matches from here.
Kit Cain
July 30 @ 12:53pm
Thank You for The answer. Perhaps , since you have connections at wiki tree you can correct their assumption that William Cain of Russell County Kentucky is the grandson of Nicholas Cain of the "The Descendants of Nicholas Cain" as has my GENI world tree and the latter day saints have done the same. I will Keep an eye out for Patrick.
July 12 @ 1:45pm
*Hello All: I descend from 2 separate KEENE lines. On my dad's male line, we go back to 1700s Johnston Co NC (George KEEN & 2nd wife Catherine GOODRICH), George died 1797. Ydna shows a match with a male from Canada who goes back to Wiltshire England, James/Jacob CAINES); and a match with a male from Australia, to a KEYNES man, from the same James/Jacob Caines in 1700s Wiltshire. THEN: My mother has a KEENE line from Colonial MD KEENE's, that are from Suffolk England. They are in Dorchester MD in 1500/1600s, back to THOS KEENE & Elizabeth GOSNOLD (related to Jamestown Founder, Capt Bartholomew GOSNOLD). This line goes back thru Naunton, Wingfield, Vere, to King Edward I. *Anyone else from either of these 2 lines?* My email is:
Ilese Sabelhaus Ilese Sabelhaus
July 8 @ 8:59pm
Honor(a) "Annie" Cain is my 2nd great grandmother, born around 1858 in Corofin Parish, County Galway. Her parents were John and Mary Nolan Cain. We have been unable to trace back any further than my 3rd great grandfather, John Cain. While I realize this group is focused on finding the furthest ancestor, information I have on my family indicates there is not a living male Cain ancestor who could do a Big Y test to garner additional information. I am hoping by posting here I may connect with someone with information that might help me get through this brick wall.
Rory Cain
July 9 @ 3:54pm
Ilese, your remaining DNA option is Family Finder. It will deliver you DNA matches but they could be from anywhere. Next step is to narrow down what side of the family your DNA matches are from. In time you may succeed in identifying a Co Clare cluster of matches. I did this with my Cain line and have identified an east Galway with whom I share atDNA.
Bettina Benoit Bettina Benoit
July 3 @ 10:58am
Hello! I'm hoping to find some information. Is anyone here a Kane from Massachusetts or do you descend from a Kane from Massachusetts and/or a Cain/Kane from Newfoundland? My great-grandfather was John Edward Kane, born in Acton MA in 1880 while his parents Edward Kane and Anne Conway were born in the 1850s in the Renews area of Newfoundland. I seem to have hit a few dead ends I'd like to sort out and I'd also love to know where in Ireland they came from and when. Thanks!
Rory Cain
July 3 @ 4:27pm
Bettina, if you can get a male Kane cousin or uncle to do a Y-DNA year, he will likely match one of the genetic groups we have discovered in the Cain DNA project. That will be a pointer to his geographical origins.
Kit Cain Kit Cain has a question!
July 2 @ 11:02am
Rory my final results have come in. I came in at RFGC31787. Instead of answering my question of who William Cain my 4th great grandfather is but who is he. Looks like he is not the grandchild of Nicholas Cain. On another matter there is a Arthur Bernard Cain in my matches. Going by our family trees he is my 4th cousin. We share the same 3rd great grandfather. By my count that is 5 generations back. Going by the Y DNA Tip report the chances of us sharing the same relative at 6 generations back is 29.72%. That doesn't look very accurate to me. Any opinion on this?
Rory Cain
July 3 @ 12:29am
A 29.72% chance I being related within the timeframe is not encouraging, but it is just an estimate, not an exact science.
Edward Kane Edward Kane
June 29 @ 2:22pm
Rory This falls into the category of what to do when you are sitting at home because of the Coronavirus. I spent some time looking at names and septs tied to the O’Cathain’s of Ulster. Besides the McHenry’s and McCloskey’s, the only name I found that had a legendary and YDNA link was the Murray’s. They evidently formed off of O’Cathain’s a little before the McCloskey’s. With respect to two names tied to O’Cathain, this is what I found. McMullan (O'Maolain): Feedback from others is that the exact descent of the McMullan’s is unknown, but believed to be from Conchobar or his brothers. • A review of the McMullen – McMullen (Mac Maolain) Project STR/SNP data show no such relationship. Most of the McMullan DNA data are scattered all over the place with many U 106. Those that are M222, have lineage ties older than S588, thus nowhere near a descent from Concohbar or his brothers. • A review of the Mullin Project (which was originally set up for a search of a specific family group) shows one Mullins with a match at FGC 65688. While there are few SNP results, there are a number of individuals categorized M222. Those in the M222 category, that have SNP tests, are listed as DF 105 and are in haplogroups parallel to S588. Buchanan: From John O’Hart’s “Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation” – “Conn Cionntach O’Cahan son of Dermod; first to assume this surname, had a brother named Annselan, … who was the ancestor of O’Bocainain anglicized Buchanan. This Annselan was the first of the family to settle in Scotland.” The basis for this seems to be from “The Ancient Surname of Buchanan” by William Buchanan written in 1793. However, J. Scott Porter’s article “Some Account of the Sept of the O'Cathains of Ciannachta Glinne-Geinhin. Now the O'Kanes of the County of Londonderry” in Vol. 3 (1855) of the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, writes at the end of a long paragraph on the Buchanan connection: “But the whole story appears to me to rest on no tangible foundation.” Likewise, the Y DNA of the Buchanan’s do not show a link to the O’Cathain’s. Thanks, Ed
Rory Cain
June 29 @ 4:13pm
Thanks Ed. You have done some good work there. I concluded the same about the alleged Buchanan (and Munro) connection. Mullin(s) arose as a surname in both Britain & Ireland, so the U106 Mullins folk are likely English settlers, but until they do DNA tests, why knows? Murphy is one of the most common Irish surnames, also found as Morrow, McMurrough & Murray. Your work provides another informative step. Thanks.
Charles Kean Charles Kean has a question!
June 23 @ 6:29pm
Rory, Hello again,is it possible to check Halogroup R-DG>ZZ10>Z253...Irish type 3. Martin Kean and Patrick John Keane appear to have a number of matches or am I reading it wrong? thanks
Rory Cain
June 24 @ 3:56pm
Hello Charlie, I believe you are right that they are members of the same sub-group, but from the number of STR marker mismatches, not very closely related. s
Kit Cain Kit Cain has a question!
June 10 @ 4:21pm
I do not know if I am for sure. I can trace back to William Cain in Russell County Kentucky. I don't know if he is William The son of Edmond who is the son of Nicholas. BY taking the Big y I hope this will help in Finding an answer
Rory Cain
June 10 @ 6:55pm
Big Y should do it alright. We have known for about a decade that the Nicholas Cain descendants are R-L513, which is found along the west coast of Ireland of and Scotland. Then two members of the Nicholas Cain group tested positive for FGC46414. You can see them in the L513 section at
Rory Cain
June 10 @ 7:06pm
Kit, at present your haplogroup only shows as R-M269 which dates back about 10,000 to when our ancestors wintered out the last ice age in the Caucasus. So your real (more modern) haplogroup might be anything. Going by your STR marker matches though, I see a lot of McCains. Your Big Y will likely deliver SNP markers that place you in amongst them.
Kit Cain
June 11 @ 1:37pm
still waiting on last panels. I have done a tree on GENI. On the Cain line I have no proof beyond William Cain. William is from Virginia born about 1776. Thought he might be the William son of Edmond mentioned in the Descendents of Nicholas Cain. Looking on some people have made that assumption.
Kit Cain Kit Cain has a question!
June 9 @ 12:39pm
Rory are you a descendent of Nicholas Cain the Nicholas in The Descendents of Nicholas Cain
Rory Cain
June 9 @ 8:15pm
Hi Kit, no, my family hailed from Co Galway, next county to the north of where the Nicholas Cain DNA hails from down in Co Clare. We have a reasonable size bunch of Nicholas Cain descendants in this project, but there has been no action from them for a decade or more, in DNA terms anyway.
Matthew Taylor Matthew Taylor
April 8 @ 7:26pm
Hello. My y-DNA will be of no use to this project. However my great grandfather was a William Cain (1828-1908) of Winchester, Virginia, and before that Shenandoah County. He likely descended from "Nicholas Cain", who obtained 100 acres in Augusta County, Virginia in 1747, "on North River of Shanando within Gap of the Mountains", which is now Shenandoah County. I have taken over the family genealogy from my late uncle. We always assumed that the Cain line was Scots-Irish, however there is a compelling argument that Nicholas is actually Nikolaus Kern (spelled Nicholas Carn on the ship's manifest) who was a Palentine German who came over on the ship Plaisance in 1732. He married a "Catherine Mann" in 1735, and there was a "MAN, Katrin" on the Plaisance as well. I figure y-DNA is a great way to figure this out. Forgive me if this has been covered, but I would be curious who here is a y-DNA descendant of "Nicholas Cain" and what your conclsions are. Thanks.
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Rory Cain
April 9 @ 10:57pm
The descendants of Nicholas Cain have Y-DNA that matches folks named Cain and Keane from Kilrush Co Clare and surrounds. There was a Nicholas Cahan, coroner of Clare, at the time of the Spanish Armada. His family held a large part of the town of Kilrush. A little earlier, what was likely the same clan held Cahane's Castle on Isiscatha or Scattery Isle.
Matthew Taylor
April 11 @ 2:27pm
Thanks for the response. Known descendants of my William Cain - our autosomal DNA matches descendants of Nicholas Cain all over the US.
William Cain
May 16 @ 8:50pm
Matthew I am from the Nicholas Cain line my (GGGGGGG), (GGGGGG) Daniel, (GGGGG) Cornelius, (GGGG) Wallace, (GGG) James, (GG) Perry, (Grandfather) Harlan (Dad)Bruce and then me William Cain
Matthew Taylor
June 7 @ 11:36am
William, thank you for your response. It is very likely we are distant cousins. I will add you to my 8000+-person family tree if you don't mind. I bet the Cain lineage you shared will open up more matching and maybe solve a mystery or two for me.