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Our members' test results are grouped by their haplogroup, either as estimated by Family Tree DNA, or as confirmed by SNP testing. The test results that we now have include the

Haplogroup E, which includes a previously undiscovered O'Keane sept of Connemara & Co Mayo.

Haplogroup G, with very few Cains (aand a few others who have not joined).

Haplogroup I1 which can be pre-Celtic British and Irish, or Norse Vikings settled in Ireland & the Isle of Man.

Haplogroup I2a, pre-Celtic British and Irish.

Haplogroup I2a2, a Cain/Keane/Quinn group from Kilkee, Co Clare.

Haplogroup I2b, pre-Celtic British and Irish.

Haplogroup J, generally associated with Roman settlement in the British Isles and/or Jewish origins.

Haplogroup R1a indicating Norse (Viking) descent, principally from the Scottish Isles, Isle of Man and Ulster.

Haplogroup R-L21, British and Irish Celts.

Haplogroup R-DF21: O'Cathain of Cenel Sedna, east Co Galway, bearing names Cain, Kane & Keane. Celtic DNA with P312 and L21;

Haplogroup R-L226 Irish Type 3: A Kane/Cain lineage from southwest Co Clare. Celtic DNA Irish Type III positive for SNP L226;

Haplogroup R-L513 Kilrush: O'Cathain of the Shannon estuary, Co. Clare & Co.Kerry. This group possibly descend from the O'Cahane coarbs of St Senan who held Iniscatha (Scattery Isle) and one quarter of Kilrush. This group includes members named Cain, Kane & Keane. Celtic DNA with P312 and L21;

Haplogroup R-L21 MacEain: McCains of Ulster & Scotland, bearing Celtic SNPs P312 and L21;

Haplogroup R-L1335 Scots Type: Members with haplotype/genotype resembling the Scots Modal or Colla Uais (an Irish King) Modal

Haplogroup R-CYS4466 South Irish Type: A Cain/Kane group from the province of Munster, Ireland bearing the South Irish Modal haplotype and SNP markers P312 and L21.

Haplogroup R-M222 North West Irish Type: O'Cathain of Ciannachta Glinne-geimhein, Co. Derry, a branch of the Northern Ui Niall, descended from King Niall Noigallach. (See "Matching Niall of the Nine Hostages" on the FTDNA home page). This large group, positive for markers P312 and L21, is readily distinguished from other Cain/Kane/Keanes by marker M222+);

 Haplogroup R-M269 "Caucasian" requiring deep clade testing in order to learn more.

Haplogroup R-U106 "Frisians": nominally "Frisian" (Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Viking) people negative for P312, instead bearing U106.

Haplogroup R-U152 Celts aka La Tene Celts, principally from Ireland and Britain with deep ancestral origins in the European Alps, bearing SNP markers P312 and U152.

Haplogroup R-Z253 "Briefne clans type".

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