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We have just over 470 members in the Y-DNA haplogroup project. Each member is grouped by haplogroup based on either SNP results, STR results or a combination of both. Keep in mind that STR results are not as accurate as SNP results because STRs can mutate frequently and therefore give a false indication as to the closeness of a match. SNPs on the other hand are very stable over time and provide a better way to tie matches to a common ancestor. Contact your project admin if you need help with better refining which group you are currently in.

R-M269 Note: Currently we have a little over 20 members in this Haplogroup. Generally, one finds themselves in this group based on an estimate from FTDNA using your STR marker values. We would like to see each member in a more refined haplogroup. But in order to accomplish this the member must do some type of advanced SNP test or a higher level of STR testing. For people in the M269 Haplogroup, the M343&M269v2 Backbone SNP Pack is one way to accomplish this. However, the Big-Y 700 will give you not only a terminal SNP (the most downstream known SNP in your Haplotree) but also identify private or novel SNPs which may in the future allow you to connect with others in the most recent time frame (1600s to present day). If you have any questions about advanced SNP tests and/or which test you should take, please contact one of the project admins.