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Is everyone with a Bryan last name related?  

        The simple answer is "No," but it's not that simple.  The Bryan(t) name is common across the world, with one of the highest statistical populations in the Caribbean Islands, not just the British Islands, as many will assume.  Just look at the Y-DNA results to see the variety.

How do I use the results page?

        Use ctrl-F to find your kit number.  Those kits which are clustered around yours are most likely your closest relatives in the group but not necessarily because a mutation in one of the first 12 markers can throw you into a different group due to the way the system lists STRs.  The fewer STRs tested, the less clarity you have in your DNA results.  If your haplogroup is colored red, then you are only statistically linked to that haplogroup. Highly suggested is a backbone test, if that is available to you. Contact your admin for help if you have questions.

Who is the administrator?
        Hi! It's nice to meet you.  My name is William Bryan.  You can contact me at with any specific questions.  I really prefer you post in the feed, though, since that will probably get you a more thorough answer from the "mob".  Carl Oehmann is the co-admin of this group.