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There are over 500 people in several different haplogroups represented in the project.  We have a great opportunity to potentially map out connections that no one really understood before. To do this, we need the cooperation of all members to do two things: Upgrade STRs to 111 markers if possible and do some type of advanced SNP testing (either SNP pack or Big-Y).Take advantage of periodic sales and contact one of the admins if you need help with deciding what test(s) are best. The Big-Y 700 is the ultimate test because it will identify the SNPs in the time frame we are most interested in for solving recent connections (last 400 years). After doing a SNP test, please join the appropriate Haplogroup Project since this will allow admins in those projects to also provide advice and guidance).


If you have ancestry in the UK, consider this offer from one of our members:

I am willing to consider sponsoring YDNA-37 or 67 testing by Bryan-surnamed men living in Gloucestershire, England, or living elsewhere in the UK with roots in Gloucestershire, England or nearby, including Wales. Could you please help me get this offer onto the public website for the Bryan Surname Project? As my mother was a Bryan, this is to me one of the most important ancestral branches in my tree."  - contact is