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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY The British Isles DNA project seeks to contribute to an understanding of haplogroup distribution in the early history and settlement of the British Isles. OPEN TO PERSONS WHO: 1) are male or female, and 2) have either a documented direct paternal line or documented direct maternal line ancestor, or both, who lived in the British Isles. A direct paternal line ancestor is a father's father's father's... father. A direct maternal line ancestor is a mother's mother's mother's... mother. 3) have grounds to believe that their direct paternal line or direct maternal line ancestor, or both, lived in the British Isles and are seeking to identify the county of origin of the line or lines. Normally the surname of the ancestor in question will be identifiable as having originated in the British Isles. WHEN YOU APPLY TO JOIN THE PROJECT, PLEASE PROVIDE, WHERE POSSIBLE: the name, date and location (town or parish, and county in the British Isles) of your earliest known ancestor in the direct paternal line (father, father's father, father's father's... father) AND/OR direct maternal line (mother, mother's mother, mother's mother's... mother). This information will enable the administrators to assign you to a paternal lineage and/or maternal lineage county subgroup. If you do not yet have this information, you will be assigned to a haplogroup subgroup pending discovery of the British Isles county of origin for either your direct paternal or direct maternal ancestor. Be sure to keep administrators informed of any changes in this information. You can enter this information in your profile by selecting Most Distant Ancestors from the menu on your MyFTDNA page (example: Narly Tufnel, b. 1817, Squatney, Middlesex). If you are an existing FTDNA customer you may join the British Isles DNA Project by logging in to your MyFTDNA page with your kit number and password (from, and clicking on Join Projects in the Projects box on the left side of the page. Scroll down to Dual Geographical Projects, click on the letter B and select British Isles from the list that appears. Thank you for your interest in the British Isles project. Be sure to visit our website at It contains detailed information to assist you in your paper research into British Isles ancestry, as well as Member Guidelines to help you derive the greatest benefit from your DNA tests.