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Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
23 hours ago
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alistair holdcroft
23 hours ago It would appear that this pirate has a male direct line descendant in Devon who is getting tested to see if the bones are Black Sam. Interesting. We should know the outcome in about a month. I've always found the Pirate vs Royal Navy thing a bit perplexing. During peace time the Pirates robbed merchantmen and shared the spoils amongst the crew (unequally). If the Royal Navy caught them they 'brought them to justice' and, err, shared the spoils amongst the crew (unequally). In times of war the 'Pirates' were rebranded 'Privateers', and both they and the Royal Navy robbed enemy (loose definitions applied) merchantmen, and shared the spoils amongst the crew (unequally). This state of affairs, does however, explain why your average Redcoat squaddie of the time thought seamen of any persuasion were a right bunch of chisellers. Al
Steve Rush
21 minutes ago
Aye and still do
alistair holdcroft alistair holdcroft
February 10 @ 2:51pm In case anyone missed it, the oldest known Brit - Cheddar bloke from approx 10000 ybp has been shown to be of dark skin and blue eyes. Apparently we got a bit lighter due to the subsequent arrival of cereal gobblers from the Middle-East who adapted lighter skin to crank up Vit D acquisition. Whatever - he wasn't ginger, so we can relax 😉 He's from Somerset, so frankly I'd be far more interested to know what 'get aaaaf moi laaand' sounded like from ole blue eyes 10k years ago.
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
February 17 @ 2:25pm
Well,Al, that just about says it all. My mother always told me I had a face like a horse with red hair to boot!
Earl Harp
February 18 @ 9:52am
I think we can be pretty sure his accent wasn't in Received Pronunciation. I believe the universal phrase for 'get aaaaf moi laaand' 10,000 years ago was growling loudly and shaking your spear at the intended party.
alistair holdcroft
February 18 @ 2:22pm
Quite possibly Earl. But we shouldn't overlook the fact that he was proto-English, so he would have expressed displeasure by loud tutting and rustling whatever passed as a newspaper 10,000 years ago. Presumably this conferred an evolutionary advantage for the English, as my kids demonstrate the tutting trait a lot. Mostly when I'm around, oddly enough.
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
23 hours ago
Al, I have just realised that I think "get aaaaff moi laaand" has to be Phil Harding! Is that who you were thinking of?
Ernest Smith Ernest Smith
February 17 @ 1:55am
Good day, I am looking for information on Alfred Smith married to Annie, maiden name Stone? Alfred might have been Ernest Alfred but I am not sure about that. Alfred had a son named Frederick Ernest Smith who died in WW1 in Tanzania, East Africa. Frederick also served in the second Anglo Boer War. He married my grandmother in 1911 in South Africa. We have very limited information on Alfred and Annie, we have done intensive searches without any success. As far as we know Alfred was born in/ or close to Wales – I don’t know if it is Wales, Britain or Australia. I am hoping to find my five cent coin in the vast ocean, please can you help. Karin.
Donald Berry (Short)
February 17 @ 3:05am
Ernest, what DNA tests have you taken so far?
alistair holdcroft
February 18 @ 2:30pm
Sounds like Family Finder FTDNA should help you see where the cousins concentrate. LDNA's county breakdown should also help give a pointer if there's a strong Wales (Isles) connection. Do you know where Frederick was born, or his locale of enlistment.
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February 17 @ 6:37am
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Martin Gillett
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
February 17 @ 2:22pm
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Rocio Schubert Rocio Schubert
February 13 @ 12:22am
Steven Robinson
February 13 @ 8:20am
Rocio Schubert
February 15 @ 10:54pm
lol !
Rocio Schubert Rocio Schubert
February 13 @ 12:24am
Hello, are there any Mtdna V2s here? I am searching for my great grandmother Laureana who never confirmed her last name, and did not marry my great grandfather. They had my grandmother Angelica Mosquiera in Uruguay (or possibly Brazil).
Allan McKenzie
February 14 @ 10:05am
Hello Rocio. Yes I am V2 - my mother's family comes from Ireland. No connection with SA at all, sorry. I don't show you as a match in mtDNA Family tree. Good luck on your search.
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February 11 @ 9:06pm
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Steven Robinson
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
February 12 @ 2:17pm
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Marian Morrison Marian Morrison has a question!
February 6 @ 9:36pm
I can't find my mitochondrial test results in the Results files: am I using the wrong search method?
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Robin Harritt
February 8 @ 8:29pm
As far as I know, this group isn't Y-DNA specific. I'm certainly here with an interest in what my H5 Mt haplogroup might have to tell me about my British Isles ancestry as much as I am for my I-PF4135 Y-haplogroup. If you go to change the page size to 6000 or some other number greater than the number of members, then use ctrl F or cmd F if you have a Mac and search for your kit number
Jeffrey Crowe
February 9 @ 6:35pm
The mtDNA results are sorted by county in this project, not by mtDNA haplogroup. Did you list your British county along with the maternal ancestor?
Juli Lietuvninkas
February 9 @ 7:52pm
There are some kits listed by mtDNA haplogroup at the end of the list of kits sorted by county. After the county list, they're sorted alphabetically by haplogroup. That's where I found three matches to my haplogroup, U5b2b3.
Robin Harritt
February 11 @ 7:34am
I'm from Essex my oldest known maternal line relative Harriet Mantor was as far as I can gather born on Portsea Island Hampshire, we once thought she might have been from Kent. My mtDNA results here on this project are listed under Middlesex. The part of London where she finished her days might at that time have been a part of Middlesex. If you are doing a search through the large number mtDNA results for your own result here I've found it best to search on kit number
Mark Haaseth Mark Haaseth
February 8 @ 6:22pm
Hello all. I'm an adoptee looking for my genetic history. It appears that they were from the north of England and centered about Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Robin Harritt
February 8 @ 8:40pm
I could write virtually the same thing Mark, my father's family appears to be a little further north in Hexham just need to work out which of my great grandfather's grandsons made it down south. I'm not sure this is the most useful project for adoption searching, have you joined your haplogroup projects (if you've done Y and Mitochondrial tests) and the Global Adoptee project
Donald Berry (Short)
February 10 @ 10:58pm
Mark, and all those who think there was a non-parental event (NPE) in their family history, please consider joining the FTDNA adoptee / foundling group,
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February 8 @ 6:13pm
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February 8 @ 1:26pm
Welcome to the Group, everyone!
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
February 8 @ 1:27pm
Welcome to the Group, everyone!