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Kenneth Montgomery Kenneth Montgomery
23 hours ago
I'm curious to learn if there is anyone who has an opinion on where in Britain, Haplogroup I1 may have first appeared. It's found that I1's are heavily found in certain areas of Sweden, Finland & perhaps Norway & Denmark. But i1's in Britain are scattered about. Though, the majority are found in various parts of England.
Jim Collins
22 hours ago
Most likely it was brought by Anglo-Saxons to East Anglia and south-east England.
alistair holdcroft
2 hours ago
It's an old haplogrpup and its clades will have got to Britain in lots of immigrant waves, some well BC and before the great migrations of the Anglo-Saxons, Danish and Norwegian Vikings, and the Norman/Frankish illegal immigrants of 1066. So basically, it got here with everybody and his brother. The more recent I1 subclade results may give you hints, e.g. if you were to identify a relative through, say FGC or BigY NGS testing, with whom you share a common ancestor circa 950AD, you'd be thinking more about Norwegian Vikings and Normans than Angles and Saxons. You may see clustering with modern UK residents in areas known to be quite Saxon infiltrated - SE England, or alternatively the Danelaw (Danish V's), or Lancs (Norwegian Vikings), Mercian Angles etc. But it is all speculative at best. My  advise is to look around you. If you like modern white or primary coloured stuff and chairs which look cool but are bloody uncomfortable to sit on, you're probably an I1 of Scandinavian origin; pubs - probably Saxon; wine - Norman/Frankish etc. (I have intellectual copyright on these theories, by the way). Al
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Arthur  Barker Charles Speitel Ruthy Holcombe P Walsh
Donald Berry (Short)
15 hours ago
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Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
6 hours ago
Welcome Arthur and everyone else, too.
Kenneth Montgomery Kenneth Montgomery
22 hours ago
Another question concerning Haplogroup I1. Downstream from I1-Z140, is F2642. Any opinions on its origins, as well. I erred on saying that I1's seem centered in England. It is F2642, is where F2642's are more concentrated. With one in Scotland, one in Ireland, &, another four or so, in NE Europe. Any thoughts on F2642's origins?
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July 2 @ 7:44am
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Thomas Field Patrick REILY
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
July 1 @ 1:55pm
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July 21 @ 1:15pm
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alistair holdcroft alistair holdcroft
June 27 @ 3:20pm
This might get interesting. It would be nice to find iconic big H. If you are English, (and not clearly of  Norman lines - that being typically evidenced by having a receeding jaw line, posh accent and owning unseemly swathes of the countryside), Harold holds a very special place in our hearts. The default position is that we English peasants are a desirable mix of stout Saxon and Viking ancestors, with the odd Roman soldier thrown in, and Boudica on the maternal side, obviously. (Just remember there's no need to let the truth get in the way of a good story). Unfortunately the investigative plan with ?Harold just seems to be radiographic analysis of the bones rather than DNA enquiry. Unless the xrays show a skeleton with a well preserved arrow lodged in an eye socket I can't see how it'll help identify the dude. (Although that's likely a myth too, of course).
Larry Kettlewell
July 21 @ 8:25am
Why do I hear the ghost of Frank Muir here? LOL
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
July 21 @ 1:14pm
It sounds like it, doesn't it Larry?
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July 10 @ 1:33pm
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Jan (Colhoun) Arratta Jan (Colhoun) Arratta
June 27 @ 11:56pm
Hi. Can I just advise that my MtDNA ancestor, Hannah Wheatley b 1790, was born in Nottinghamshire England. Thank you. Jan Arratta 335837
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
June 28 @ 1:09pm
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Belinda Dettmann
June 29 @ 6:01pm
Thanks, Jan, I have moved your results to that county.
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June 24 @ 4:19pm
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George  Burrows Jeffrey Shepherd
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
June 27 @ 1:43pm
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William Baker William Baker
June 9 @ 7:32am
I have a DNA-newbie question for someone: I live in the continental US, and my goal right now is to— (1) Locate some of my current Baker kin in the British Isles and/or Ireland. So far, I have not been able to do that by checking matches. (2) Try to work backwards from there to find our Baker who first emigrated to America in the 1600s. (Our large Baker study group may be permanently brick-walled with document research. We just discovered that years of critical records in NC that we now need were destroyed or lost at some point.) I’m Y-haplogroup I1 (or I-M253). I may actually be I1>Z63+ according to a group administrator, but I guess I need to test to confirm that. I’m working from the data of two Baker 2nd cousins (one at 12 markers and one at 36 markers), but have not Y-tested myself. Do you think it would help me with (1) above to take the Big Y test and try to better pinpoint areas of origin (within the Isles) with subclades or further SNP testing?
William Baker
June 10 @ 11:56am
Thanks, Kenneth. That discount on the Big-Y might just do it for me! I was lucky (after a decade of paper research) to get a solid Y-DNA match to my 5th ggrandfather. Then we managed to find his father with more paperwork. And there, the giant Baker Y-DNA Project (Yellow #3 group) has stalled out, as far as document research goes. I did have another group admin to look at my cousins' 36 marker Y data, and I suppose "predict" that I am I1>Z63, which I appreciated. I'm sure the Big-Y will confirm that if it's true. While I'm not too interested in my line's absolute origins 10,000 or so years ago, I am hoping the Big-Y will allow me to be more geographically specific (in the Isles or wherever) at maybe 10 to 15 generations. I'm seeing slightly conflicting information about doing that, but, on the whole, it appears that further Y-testing could be helpful for my needs. One question: I uploaded my Ancestry autosomal DNA data to FTDNA and consequently have many DNA matches at Family Finder. Am I right in assuming that's the same thing as if I had tested with FTDNA originally?
William Lunsford
June 13 @ 12:43am
I would never recommend any Y test under 67 markers.
Vance Symonds
June 15 @ 11:45pm
William, as far as I know, if you have done autosomal testing at Ancestry, and plugged that into FTDNA, repeating the autosomal testing at FTDNA (the Family Finder test) will not likely be of any further help to you. Regards
Preston Garrison
June 26 @ 5:08pm
Look at YSEQ,net, too. They have some SNP panels that can get you down a line pretty far. (Excuse me, the FT mafia seem to be pounding on my door.) :)