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May 25 @ 1:45pm
Welcome to the Group!
John Goldsbrough John Goldsbrough
May 5 @ 1:14am
I have just my results from LivingDNA. My main interest was the Family Ancestry results as I have many ancestors from North Yorkshire. LivingDNA genetic history profile goes back about 10 generations. They show a Great Britain and Ireland content of 94.6% with the following regional breakdown, North Yorkshire 54.4%, Northumbria 11.5%, Lincolnshire 11.2%, Southeast England 7.1%, Central England 5.2%, Devon 2.4%, South Central England 1.5% and Orkney 1.3%. For more information on LivingDNA,
Charles Faulkner
May 12 @ 7:00pm
Question: does this involve more testing or simply exchange of data? Malin's sister
Craig Smith
May 25 @ 4:39pm
At this time it involves purchasing a new test. LivingDNA have plans to allow data transfers from other testers, but a future data transfer will be autosomal only and won't include y-DNA or mtDNA assessments (which probably won't be an issue for most people in this group).
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May 23 @ 2:12pm
Welcome to the Group everyone!
John Goldsbrough John Goldsbrough
May 5 @ 1:16am
Kenneth Montgomery
May 8 @ 8:54pm
Ha! Ha! Ha! Thanks AL. That was a heap of info, but, it DID answer my question, though.
Bradley Porter
May 13 @ 8:40am
Robin, these same results can be gotten for free at GEDMatch, though without the fancy graphics. $139 seems like a bargain, especially for mT and Y testing. However I wasn't at all impressed with the information they supplied on your I2 line. The maps didn't show any I2 movement into the British Isles, nor even speak of I2 Isles at all. What's your overall take on Living DNA?
alistair holdcroft
May 14 @ 4:29pm
Please excuse the intervention, not being Robin an'all, but the clarification is important because I don't want to see potential LDNA testers misinformed. You cannot obtain a comparable at-DNA regional Isles breakdown (based on reference results of the People of the British Isles Project study, and LDNA's expanding database of Isles resident testers) at Gedmatch. The strength of the test IS atDna, not mt or Y. Y result is so basic as to be worthless compared to Big Y/FGC/YSEQ tests and subsequent analysis thereof by citizen scientists such as Iain McDonald in the projects like R1b-U106, and others. Disclaimer - no pecuniary or other interest in this company apart from an expanding test base from which we (with Isles genealogy) may all profit. Cheers, Al 😃
Robin Harritt
May 23 @ 12:03pm
Bradley, as one of my BigY matches I'm sure you'll understand that haplogroups were not a motive for me to do the LivingDNA test. Indeed I already had equally accurate haplogroups from 23andMe before I went on to test at FTDNA and Yseq. I have looked at a lot of Gedmatch calculators amongst others. I do believe Alistair is right in what he is saying re at-DNA regional Isles breakdown. And it is still being further refined and updated. The only thing I'm not so sure about is all repetitive British history blurb on the site, a lot of which seems to be the same for each region and perhaps sometimes a little off the mark
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Welcome to the Group, everyone!
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Donald Berry (Short)
March 23 @ 2:06pm
Sian, what is your main goal for genetic DNA testing?
Sian Alexander
March 24 @ 3:23pm
I'm not entirely sure to be honest. It'd be interesting just to have, but if it helps me further my genealogy research or brings in any new DNA matches, that'd be a wonderful bonus.
Donald Berry (Short)
March 25 @ 1:58pm
Sian, since FTDNA stores DNA samples for 25 years, then you have plenty of time to figure things out. All the success in your discovery process...
Ernest King
May 14 @ 1:06am
I had my (now) late father, Ernest King, (Kit #72658) tested in 2006 & they have told me that in 2017, 11 years later, it is "degraded", so I would advise not to wait too long if the person is deceased. I recently ordered at mtDNA upgrade & they can TRY a program they have for recovering degraded mtDNA... MaryPat King, daughter & Kit #72660
R. Colbert R. Colbert
May 3 @ 7:43pm
Looking for Calvert, Colvard and Colbert families. My 7th GG Christopher Calvert, 1615, was transported from Northamptonshire to Accomack Co, VA in 1636. Looking for other Calvert's to compare y-DNA, autosomal tests, and haplogroup/SNP.
R. Colbert
May 7 @ 8:36pm
Karl: Even though there are indications that Jesse Colbert is related to my family, a Colbert descendant of Jesse's took a y-DNA test and it matches the Calvert family of Prince William/Stafford Co, VA. My y-DNA does not match.
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
May 8 @ 1:41pm
Ouch! That must be so annoying RC!
R. Colbert
May 9 @ 12:56pm
Not really! Happy to help. And now I don't have to do any more research on his family.
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
May 9 @ 2:24pm
I hadn't thought of it that way, RC. Less work not more !
William Baker William Baker
May 8 @ 11:43am
I have a 111-marker y-DNA match with another Baker in Kent, England. It's a good match with the same surname. I got all excited about it, but he/she doesn't respond to two emails I've sent over the past 3 weeks. I don't want to be a pest, but I figured that anyone who would spend the money for a 111-marker test and also provide an email address would be eager to find good matches. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do----if anything? (I'm in Tennessee, USA.) --Bill Baker
Peter Gossage c/o Denise (daughter)
May 8 @ 1:40pm
Bill, by no means am I an expert in this but I would suggest leaving it now for another couple of weeks. Depending on what you put for the subject line of the e-mail, it may have gone into the junk mail. Perhaps if you put something like "FTDNA Y111 match to Bill Baker of Tennessee, USA" that might either direct it to the inbox or it may catch the recipient's eye when he clears his junkmail. The problem is that if you put something like "Important" it is bound to be thought of as a scam. Of course, there could be other reasons. For example a computer breakdown, internet problems or he may be too busy or on holiday. I am sure you know all of this but it could be a simple reason. After all, if he paid to take Y111, he should be interested in any close matches. Good luck and let's hope that we hear that he has answered you.
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Welcome to the Group, Joseph and David!
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.... and Robert!
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