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Allen Furlow Allen Furlow has a question!
Yesterday at 2:36pm
Hello, I have the new results from a Y-111 test (I am waiting on my R1b - M343&M269 Backbone SNP Pack results). My new Haplogroup is R-Z367, does the new result change any placement on this page? My kit is 613295. Thank you, Allen
Mary Hinchman Mary Hinchman
March 24 @ 12:06pm
Being female and it being my maternal Grandfather was born in Yorkshire, I don't have a direct mtdna. He was born in Brotton to be specific but research shows they were from the Soham area. Names include Seal, Hitch, Pollard, Dullingham, Dewe, Gammon, Collins, Evered. My gr. grandfather's father is unknown. HIs mother, my grgr grandmother was Margaret Cole Seal. My Haplogroup is H1f
Kathi MacDonald
March 24 @ 1:45pm
I have Collins ancestry also and have family who came from Yorkshire in the 1600's to the New World. My Haplogroup is H24.
Richard Haw
March 24 @ 3:29pm
Mary, I may be misunderstanding what you are trying to say, but I feel I have to point out that no part of your mtdna derives from your maternal grandfather. All of it derives from your maternal grandmother who in turn derived from her mother. Male ancestors, however worthy, play no part in the transmission of mtdna. I apologise if you are already aware of this but I felt you might be misdirecting your research and that others might be confused.
Roger Gammon
March 25 @ 6:47pm
Hi Mary, Gammon is not a very common name. Our family are from the Maidstone area of Kent. Would love to hear from you if you think there's a chance that we could be connected.
Mary Hinchman
Yesterday at 12:10pm
Richard, I understand that the mtDNA is my maternal line. I know that I will not find DNA links here (unless autosomal) but mentioning the names in my ancestry may hlep may connections.
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Roger Gammon
March 24 @ 6:11am
I hate to spoil the family reunion but based on the size of those matching segments I think that it's highly unlikely that the two of you are related, at least not within a genealogically relevant timeframe. A high proportion of small matching segments (above 80%) are not legitimate matches. They just appear to be matches and this is termed Identical By Chance (IBC). We know this because in cases where a person and both of their parents have tested, more than 80% of the persons small matching segments are not shared by either of their parents. So they couldn't have inherited them - they are not real matches. You would want to share a segment size of at least 9 cM or 10 cM with someone to be reasonably confident that you share a common ancestor within the last 10 or 20 generations. This article on DNAeXplained does a good job of explaining what is going on:
mattice simmons
March 25 @ 10:19pm
Oh I know Roger, I explained this in a email. I say about 6.2 Centimorgans on one shared segment says you are related!
mattice simmons
March 25 @ 10:20pm
6.2 Centimorgans on Ancestry equals 5th to 8th cousin.
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March 23 @ 10:25pm
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Pekka Ursinus Henry Griffith Sian Alexander Blair Symon
Sian Alexander
March 23 @ 1:27pm
Thanks both! I'm hoping to have my father take a Y-DNA and mtDNA test and take an mtDNA test myself when I can afford it so I can provide some more detailed info.
Donald Berry (Short)
March 23 @ 2:06pm
Sian, what is your main goal for genetic DNA testing?
Sian Alexander
March 24 @ 3:23pm
I'm not entirely sure to be honest. It'd be interesting just to have, but if it helps me further my genealogy research or brings in any new DNA matches, that'd be a wonderful bonus.
Donald Berry (Short)
March 25 @ 1:58pm
Sian, since FTDNA stores DNA samples for 25 years, then you have plenty of time to figure things out. All the success in your discovery process...
Michael Lowe Michael Lowe
March 22 @ 11:00pm
Just wanted to let the admins know my BIG-Y results have posted placing me in Haplogroup I-S2170. I am kit #561987, my father is kit #5396. Awaiting his SNP test for S2170 to post in a few weeks. Currently listed in the unknowns and wanted to see if my new haplogroup results would help any with placement.
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March 16 @ 1:18pm
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Peter Gossage c/o Denise Hobbs (daughter)
March 17 @ 2:07pm
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Young Simpson Young Simpson has a question!
March 17 @ 10:31am
I recently got YDNA results of R-P312.... (using my brother's DNA) .... Is there a way to connect that to my results for this project?
Young Simpson
March 17 @ 10:32am
Actually and the maternal line is U4A1A
Peter Gossage c/o Denise Hobbs (daughter)
March 17 @ 2:05pm
Welcome, Young.
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March 11 @ 11:33pm
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March 9 @ 1:31pm
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William Brown William Brown
February 27 @ 4:31am
This is my great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Brown, born in 1844 to Richard Gibson and Rhebecca (Moore) Brown in Rock Island County, IL. Thought I'd share in the hopes of someone saying, Hey, that looks just like my ancestor ____ Unfortunately, after 2+ decades of searching, we've been unable to establish his father's birth data.
Karl Thacker
February 27 @ 11:18am
With a surname of Gibson and YDNA matches of Bolling -and even Kirkland- I assume you have looked-into the Melungeon? I spent more than a year in that area of interest trying to determine my true, correct direct paternal line until my YDNA test show I am 'Swift', not Thacker. Turns out my gr-grandfather was not who he should have been.... 'Gibson' is one of the core names of 1700s Virginia Melungeon, with Bolling/Bowling being right there with it. The direct male Thackers I am supposed to be linked to have YDNA of Gibson, which appears to tie back to a gentleman from Ireland whose name escapes me....
William Brown
March 2 @ 4:07am
Thanks, Karl. Yes, I have explored a possible Melungeon connection, but no "aha'"moments yet. Actually Gibson is not my surname, but Brown, although it seems likely to be a family name used as a middle name. No YDNA match to Gibson. I have found evidence of all these matching surnames in the same area of MD at the same time, primarily St. Mary's, but still no answers. Also, after reading the great Frontline article (thanks for the link), I compared that info with land records for these surnames which I've found. I've no idea if they are my ancestors, but beginning in 1737, there are Brown, Kirkland, and Gibson as neighbors in Camden District, SC, along the Santee/Congaree and Wateree. Unfortunately, further exploration of these families has not not lead to Richard Gibson Brown living in Rock Island, IL in 1844. Since I don't get a notification that replies have been made here, please email me at, if you or anyone else would like to discuss this in more detail (which is hard to do in this format). Thanks again!
Mary King
March 6 @ 4:36pm
my is T126797 I believe I have him Family Parents Jeremiah Brown Esq 1756–1813 Abigail Lincoln 1759–1854 Spouse & Children Margaret Jeanette Brayton 1794–1870 Roger E. Brown 1821– Olive Harriet Brown 1826–1888 Spouse & Children Rhebecca Moore Benjamin Franklin Brown 1844–1888
William Brown
March 10 @ 8:51am
Thanks, Mary! Sorry for my delay in responding. I had for years thought this was 'my' Richard Gibson Brown's family, but the YDNA didn't match too well and it would have meant he was a bigomist. Not unheard of, but questionable. I ran your gedmatch #. No shared DNA with my brother Bill, nor with my other brother Ben, nor with me. Did you run a report(s) and see matches? Feel free to email me directly at I don't check FTDNA on a daily basis. Thanks again!