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About us

The Bristol Channel Geographic Project (AKA the Severn Sea Survey)

Purpose: To test and compare Y-DNA samples from men who can trace their ancestry back to the lands adjoining the Bristol Channel (or who live there presently), in order to determine common ancestral lines of several genetically similar Families, to wit:

Bennett (and variants) from near Burnham-on-Sea and surrounding areas in Somerset, England

Coat, Cote, Coats, Coate (and variants) from Huntspill, Hambridge, and North Petherton areas of Somerset, England

Lock, Locke (and variants) from Chittlehampton, North Moulton, and South Moulton areas of  Devonshire, England

Seymour (and variants) from Newport and surrounding areas of  Monmouthshire, Wales

Other allied names include Fallis, Follis, Smith, Kingston, Higdon, Higden, and Ware as well as their variants.

While we are primarily interested in having members of the above families participate in Y-DNA testing, we will accept anyone who has ties to this region or near by, proven or suspected. The only restriction is that only men can take the Y-DNA test since the Y chromosome is passed only from father to son. Women who wish to join the Y-DNA project must test a male from their family line (husband,son, father, uncle, nephew, etc.) We will also accept mtDNA and Family Finder tests, but please understand that the primary focus of this project will be on Y-DNA testing

Counties included in this study are:

England –Cornwall, Devonshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire

Wales– Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Glamorgan, Monmouthshire

(Note: Members from towns and communities that border this region are also welcome.)