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Bristol Channel Genealogy DNA Study Primary Purpose: To test and compare Y-DNA samples from men who live in, or who can trace their ancestry back to the Counties adjoining the Bristol Channel, in order to better determine common ancestral lines of several genetically similar families including Bennett, Coat, Coats, Cote, Coate, Fallis, Follis, French, Higdon, Higden, Kingston, Lock, Locke, Robinson, Seymour, Smith and Ware, as well as their variants. Other family names are also welcome. Counties included in this study (England and Wales) are: Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Glamorgan, and Monmouthshire. Secondary Purpose: Some members of the above named families all share a common DNA signature that is not typically found in Northwestern Europe. The secondary purpose of this project is to see how common to this region is the STR value of DYS393=12 with a terminal SNP (tested or calculated) of R-CTS7822. These values might be helpful in determining the prehistoric ancestry of the first occupants of this region of Great Britan. After joining, please send an email to the Administrator stating your kit number and which County, Town, or Community you or your ancestor are from.