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Bowes, Bowe, Related and Similar Surnames DNA Project

This page was updated July 23, 2018.

DNA Archival Services with FTDNA To Provide Lasting Support for Family and Surname Historians

  • Primarily, to collect and archive the Y chromosome signatures of the Bowes One-Name Study surnames registered by Martha Bowes with the Guild of One-Name Studies: currently Bowes, Bows, Bowe and Boe.

  • Additionally, to collect and archive the Y chromosome signatures of a group of similar, often uncommon to rare surnames that are at risk of dying out. Most of these other surnames are not likely to ever have their own DNA project but can be spun off if they do. Some of them, based on historical documentation and/or pronunciation, may turn out to be related on the paternal line to one another and/or to the one name study names.

  • Generally, to collect and archive for current and future generations member's DNA signatures that are directly relevant to their lineage's family history. This includes Y chromosome DNA, autosomal DNA and mtDNA. Only the Y DNA is made public, and each individual member chooses whether to be included in those public results.

Family History Research

  • Reveal the genetic data that can further our family history research

  • Discover which family trees are related

  • Solve research problems and/or brick walls 

  • Sort out multiple families with same or similar surnames found in the same location 

  • Confirm or get clues regarding family migrations 

  • Confirm suspected events, such as illegitimacy and adoption 

  • Identify mistaken connections in family trees

  • Validate family history research

  • Bridge gaps in the paper records 

Surname Research

  • Identify genetic clues regarding the origins of the surnames to confirm and correct the historical record 

  • Combine results with research in early records to determine the number of points of origin for the surname 

  • Define the major lineages of the different geographic surname groups (England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Scandinavia, Netherlands, South Africa ...)

  • Discover information about the evolution of the surname 

  • Confirm surname variants or find previously unknown variants

  • Uncover our deep ancestral past using haplogroup research

  • Preserve DNA results for future research, to protect against any male line becoming extinct