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Bowes, Bowe, Related and Similar Surnames DNA Project


May 25: The European Union GDPR went into effect to strengthen individuals' data privacy protections and controls. This project updated it's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service (under Code of Conduct [to come], it's Goals and it's FAQ to be clear that we honor these important developments.

May 25: The Results page was temporarily taken down while we obtain a record of consents provided by those who would like their pseudonymized data included on this page.

May 15: Sadly, our co-administrator David Bachinsky passed away after a long battle with cancer. We are immensely grateful for his contributions to this project. David had an academic and career history in genetics and helped guide the project by freely sharing the breadth and depth of his knowledge. We will miss him. RIP David.

April: FTDNA updated its Privacy & Sharing, Project Preferences, and Email Notification settings in each member accounts.


The project has converted to the new myGroups format.


The project name has changed to reflect expansion of covered surnames. It now includes many similar but uncommon ones that documents indicate could appear as variants of one another. The new, somewhat cumbersome and eccentric name, is the 'Bowes, Bowe, Related and Similar Surnames DNA Project'.


Jeane Robinson passed away and left the project bereft of a loyal and dogged 'associate' researcher into the Bowe(s) of Ireland. Jeane manually compiled and left Martha Bowes with a massive, 4300+ row spreadsheet of Irish Bowe(s) birth, marriage and death record information. Despite the growth of Irish records online, her spreadsheet is still invaluable to me when researching families. RIP Jeane.


David Bachinsky, PhD., joined as volunteer co-administrator. David has an academic and career background in genetics.

We now have three main Irish subgroups.

We began including Family Finder autosomal DNA results. The Y chromosome DNA is relatively stable over many centuries and therefore the best tool for a surname study (since Y-DNA tracks the surname, father to son, over those centuries). It requires that a male bearing one of our study surname variants test. Rather than being restricted to the patrilineal line, autosomal DNA using the Family Finder kit opens the project to women and men with Bowes (or a variant) anywhere on their ancestral tree. Family Finder is most useful for finding matches in the last seven generations.

This project opened a dedicated Facebook account since so many people want to interact on that platform.


Among the results so far, we identified an Irish subgroup whose Y chromosome matches a variety of surnames associated with Ely Carroll, an ancient group of families centered in Offaly and northern Tipperary that was ruled by the O'Carroll clan. Interpretation of the historical basis for this connection continues.


This DNA Project began accepting donations through its General Fund to assist those unable to pay for a test kit. (This fund is handled independently, through Family Tree DNA.)


Martha Bowes registered the Bowes One-Name Study with the Guild of One-Name Studies. The registered names are Bowes, Bows, Bowe and Boe.

This DNA project became part of the Bowes One-Name Study.

Bowes One-Name Study website began publishing. This is an ongoing work-in-progress and subject to changes!

Bowes One-Name Study Yahoo! group started. [Please note this group is not active.]


This DNA project began.