Bowes, Bowe, Related and Similar Surnames DNA Project

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About us

This surname project focuses primarily on Y chromosome DNA. Y DNA and the surname descend together from father to son relatively unchanged over the centuries. This means a man's specific Y DNA markers are unique to his surname lineage and can be used to find patrilineal matches. Matching project members form lineage subgroups that facilitate family history research and a better understanding of our surnames and their variants. This process requires that the male Y DNA prospect bear one of the project surnames............ Although less of a focus in the study, due to time restraints, we also accept Family Finder autosomal DNA results from men and women with a project surname in their family history. Since autosomal DNA changes rapidly through the centuries, we only accept autosomal DNA when the relevant ancestor lived during the previous ten generations............ Please help us by having a male from your family who bears one of our surnames join with Y DNA.