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Bowes, Bowe, Related and Similar Surnames DNA Project


This surname project primarily focuses on Y chromosome DNA. A man's surname and his Y DNA descend together from father to son relatively unchanged through the centuries since surnames came into use. In this way, all the men in a surname lineage normally share the same Y DNA markers. Matching project members—often cousins too distant to know of one another using documentary research—form lineage subgroups that facilitate family history research and a better understanding of our surnames and their variants. This process requires that the male Y DNA prospect bear one of the project surnames.

Which Y DNA test should I order?

The Big Y-700 kit is our best Y DNA tool! It provides the most coverage and the highest resolution for matching other men with your surname. Big Y-700 shows not just that two or more men match in a genealogically meaningful timeframe, but also exactly how one family branch stems from another. It is essentially a surname lineage's Y DNA family tree and the best tool for using Y DNA to corroborate documentary research. Each branch on the family tree will be defined by it's own SNP mutation(s).

If you prefer to start slower, STRs 1-111 can help establish that two or more men are closely related since surnames came into use. This is how our family lineage subgroups first formed in the DNA results before Big Y-700 hit the scene. Using up to 111 STRs, you can identify matches, but you cannot see how each lineage branches off their common Y DNA line. Consider this an entry test and order as many STRs as you can afford. You can upgrade to Big Y-700 later.

Autosomal DNA

We also accept Family Finder autosomal DNA results from men and women with a project surname in their family history (as well as autosomal results from other companies uploaded to FTDNA). Project admins will only assist with autosomal results when time allows and it serves the surname study. Please help us by having a male from your family who bears one of our project surnames join with Y DNA kit.

Non-Affiliation with Irish Origenes, Scottish Origenes, English Origenes

Dr. Tyrone Bowes is not involved with administration of the Bowes One-Name Study or this DNA Project. We regretfully must point this out here due to the unscientific nature of the surname DNA analyses he conducts for pay through his business, variously called Irish Origenes, English Origenes and Scottish Origenes. There are numerous public critiques of his work by experts in DNA analysis, surname mapping and history. Population geneticists with University College London have also included it on their public page calling out companies that misuse DNA results. (See Dubious commercial claims.)