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Bowes, Bowe, Related and Similar Surnames DNA Project

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About us

Bowes, Bowe, Related and Similar Surnames DNA Project

WELCOME to the 'Bowes, Bowe, Related and Similar Surnames DNA Project'! DNA testing is a great way to further your research.

You can find our Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions on the Code of Conduct page in the left-hand menu [TO COME].

Please also visit the Background page for more details about our project.


Surname projects focus on Y chromosome DNA. Since both Y DNA and the surname are passed down from father to son relatively unchanged over the centuries, a man's specific Y DNA markers become an ID tag for his surname lineage. Matching project members form lineage subgroups that facilitate family history research and a better understanding of our surnames and their variants. This process requires that the male Y DNA tester bear one of the project surnames.

Autosomal DNA

Although less of a focus in the study, we also accept Family Finder autosomal DNA results from both men and women with a project surname in their family history. Since autosomal DNA changes rapidly through the centuries, we only accept autosomal DNA when the relevant ancestor lived [i]during the previous ten generations[/i].


To facilitate use of the DNA results in our family history research, members are strongly encouraged to add or upload their pedigree using the 'Family Tree' link on their account myDashboard (names of living individuals can be omitted). When your matches and administrators can view your family tree — depending on your sharing settings — they can better assess where your lines may connect. So please do take a moment to add your family tree information, at least names and dates, directly into your account.

This step also helps admins since they don't have to try to keep track of all the participants' family trees but can still access them for reference. Additional important account settings that will enhance your participation as a project member are outlined on the FAQ page. Please take a moment to review the instructions there.