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Boggs and similar names
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Participation in this project is open to people interested in the genetic relationship of families bearing the surnames Boggs or any of its variants. The goal of this project is distinguish between various branches of the families and to confirm that there is a genetic relationship between the families with different surnames. We have learned that most Boggs's share a common Y-DNA signature. We have learned that some Boggs's share the Y-DNA signature of the Bogue line. We have learned that Boggess/Boggis are apparently not related to Boggs. The same is true for Beggs. Boggs and Bogle do appear to have an ancent connection. We still need participants named Baggs, , Boag, Boags, Bodge, Boegs, Bogg, Boggas, Boggus, Bogs, Bogue, and Bogues.

A secondary goal is to determine the connection between Boggs and a line of Livingston from the Fife area of Scotland.

Please see Background for important information on SNP groupings.


A Surname Project traces members of a family that share a common surname. Since surnames are passed down from father to son like the Y-chromosome, this test is for males taking a Y-DNA test. Females do not carry their father's Y-DNA and acquire a new surname by way of marriage, so the tested individual be a male that wants to check his direct paternal line (father's father's father's...) with a Y-DNA12, Y-DNA37, or Y-DNA67 marker test. At least a Y-DNA 37 test is highly recommended. Y-DNA 12 tests are very inconclusive. Females who would like to check their direct paternal line can have a male relative with this surname order a Y-DNA test. .

Surnames In This Project

Baggs, Beggs, Boag, Boags, Bodge, Boegs, Box, Bogg, Boggas, Bogges, Boggis, Boggs, Boggus, Bogs, Bogue, Bogues

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