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Boggs and similar names

Boggs and similar names
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About us

In historical records, there are surnames that incorporate "Bog" or similar root words.  We have have learned with Y-DNA testing that similar names may not be related. We have also learned that some surnames with different spellings are related. We have found that some Bogue and Boggs share the same common ancestor. We have found that most Boggs, Bogle, and Bogart have a common ancestor. We have found that some Boggess, Bauguess, and Bogues have a common ancestor. At this point, no relationship has been found between Scot/Irish Boggs and Bogg of England. Beggs and Biggs are likely related. A primary goal at this point would be to get Y-DNA test for Boag of Scotland and Bogue from Ireland to determine where they fit in to the Y-DNA tree.

Males with surnames Baggs, Beggs, Boag, Boags, Bodge, Boegs, Box, Bogg, Boggas, Bogges, Boggis, Boggs, Bogle, Boggus, Bogs, Bogue, Bogart, and Bogues are invited to join.

SNPs have been found to be a key in linking Boggs lines. Most  Boggs's fall under the Z18000 haplogroup. Here is a list of kits that have tested for a confirmed final SNP haplogroup at FTDNA or YSEQ or assumed to be based on testing of a close relative.

Z18000 - 424295 Confirmed FTDNA

Z29953 - 266266 Confirmed FTDNA

BY3361 - 447832 Confirmed FTDNA
              118306 Known Relative

Z4685 - 191742 Confirmed FTDNA
             130781 Known Relative

BY3354 -109371 Confirmed FTDNA
              44138   Confirmed FTDNA
              110162 Confirmed YSEQ
              83602   Confirmed YSEQ
              79085   Confirmed FTDNA
              150832  Known Relative

BY4015 - 270909 Confirmed FTDNA
              118354 Confirmed FTDNA
              16304   Confirmed FTDNA
              524031 Confirmed FTDNA
              264139 Confirmed FTDNA
              N61247 Known Relative
              55973   Known Relative
              61367   Known Relative
              130780 Known Relative
              394350 Known Relative

BY3349  27994    Confirmed FTDNA
             346777  Confirmed FTDNA
             131624  Confirmed YSEQ
             132790  Confirmed YSEQ
             177050  Known Relative
             132721  Confirmed YSEQ

Z36749 - 217646 Confirmed FTDNA 
              19255   Confirmed FTDNA
              514512 Confirmed FTDNA
              181556 Known Relative        
              87600   Known Relative

Z36748 - 385777 Confirmed FTDNA
              B1417   Confirmed FTDNA
              313060  Confirmed FTDNA