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Boggs and similar na

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In historical records, there are surnames with that incorporate "Bog" or similar root words.  We have have learned with Y-DNA testing that similar names may not be related. We have also learned that some surnames with different spellings are related. We have found that some Bogue and Boggs share the same common ancestor. We have found that most Boggs and Bogle have a common ancestor. We have found that some Boggess, Bauguess, and Bogues have a common ancestor. At this point, no relationship has been found between Scot/IrishBoggs and Bogg of England. Beggs and Biggs are likely related. A primary goal at this point would be to get Y-DNA test for Boag of Scotland and Bogue from Ireland to determine where they fit in to the Y-DNA tree.

Males with surnames Baggs, Beggs, Boag, Boags, Bodge, Boegs, Bogg, Boggas, Bogges, Boggis, Boggs, Bogle, Boggus, Bogs, Bogue, and Bogues are invited to join.