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BNL dna

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About us

As of 15 June 2006, we are just getting started!
The BNL in the Project Name represents the many variations of the names that always have the B, N, and L, but vary with 1 or 2 N's or L's, uses an O or U. If you are interested in joining this group, but your spelling-variation is not yet included, go ahead and join and I will add your spelling variation to the list. This is intended to be a World-Wide effort. Although most of the folks we have been tracing in our tree tend to have lived in the United States and Canada, we are aware of roots in England, Ireland, and France. We also are aware of folks in Australia and South Africa. (I know I’m missing several, so feel free to educate me with more facts!) Background-LU: 090302.2100