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The RELEASED results will be posted here and in The BUNNELL/BONNELL Newsletter for our off-line members. = We are aware of the concern for confidentiality of this data and the tie to the individual donor. Family Tree DNA will control the sample and the data. You will be asked to sign a Release Form for FTDNA’s use. The results will be sent to the Group Administrator. Please be assured that the control of the results sent to me as the Group Administrator will be kept confidential. As we proceed in this project, we will eventually have to tie the DNA Results to the Family Tree. This will not be done without your express permission for BOTH the Website and the Newsletter. Please review the Privacy Statements at the FTDNA Web site for their part. Please contact me, the Group Administrator, Steven L. Bonnell, if you have ANY concerns on my part. =Results-LU: 091202.1940