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To provide Scientific corroboration to the many reams of Manually recorded data of our History & Ancestral-Tree. Please review the FTDNA info for the Marker Count (12, 25, 37, 67, etc) you want. So far, some of us are performing the 37-level test, the Y-DNA37. However, depending on your interest, the 12-level may, or may not, provide the results you desire. Obviously, the more markers, the better the results. There will be comparison tests with as many Markers as available. In other words, if you only perform a 12-Marker test, those will be compared with the same 12-Markers of those receiving the 37-Marker test. Also, you can request an upgrade to a higher level test if the lower test does not provide you with the details desired. There is also a difference in testing for Males and Females. Again, please review the FTDNA info. Goals-LU: 080827.0600