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This project is open to all and everyone. It was originally founded in 2007 as the very first DNA project aiming to properly explore the origins of haplogroup Q-M242. Since that time it has evolved to embrace a broader perspective. Its original name The Royal Ashinas DNA project was coined to describe what we came to understand was the hetereogenous ruling class of the Western Turkic Khaganate which derived from the GOKTURKS' Royal ASHINAS/A-SHIH-NA/ASENA tribe which provided dynasties for several nations with Eurasian roots such as the Toquz Oghuz, Qasar/Khazar/Kosa/Gesa Clan of Nine Xiongnu/Tiele Names Tūjué Hésà etc.. We came to understand that the genetic pool of the Ashinas did not consist only of Q-M378 and its subclades as some initially claimed, but of other haplogroups as well such as for example R1a-Z93. The Project will continue to change/evolve as our knowledge expands to reflect new discoveries over time. This project is a lineage project. It is not driven and it is not about religion or contemporary ethnos. It is a scientific project for secular citizens. NB Any opinion and thoughts expressed in the "Activity feed" section do not reflect or represent opinions of the founder of this project or FTDNA as the host of the project.