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About us

Welcome to the Family Tree DNA and The Acadian Amerindian Ancestry Project

We extend invitations to our friends and relations from all across North America -- including the United States (especially the East Coast, Louisiana, Texas and Northern Maine) Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, the Gaspe Region, Quebec, and surrounding areas to join our Acadian Amerindian Ancestry Project. Acadian Amerindian Ancestry Project members research deep ancestry through extended Y DNA, Big Y, Family Finder, and mtDNA tests. 

About our Acadian Amerindian Ancestry Project:

(1) The Acadian Amerindian Ancestry Project builds upon the historic surnames and the mtDNA and Y DNA haplogroups of our Acadian and Amerindian ancestors of 17th-century Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, and adds a new dimension: Family. 
(2) The Acadian Amerindian Ancestry researches the grand heritage of Acadia's earliest families from a WHOLE RELATIONSHIP perspective including the DNA, the history, and the genealogies of the mothers, the fathers and their descendants and relates Y chromosome DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and autosomal DNA results with respective genealogies to provide a multi-dimensional picture of Acadian - Amerindian ancestry. 

(3) The Acadian Amerindian Ancestry invites all current members to continue participating, thanks everyone for their help with establishing our ancestor database, and is inclusive of all who qualify to join.

-- If you have an ACADIAN SURNAME in your family lines, as listed in the project profile, and you've had the Y DNA, mtDNA or Family Finder test, you are qualified to join this project.
-- If you are a MALE with an ACADIAN SURNAME and you'd like to find out how to participate, please join this project by ordering a Y Chromosome 37 marker test.  

-- If you have a MATRILINEAL ANCESTRY (your mother’s mother’s mother’s line)  that leads to a NATIVE and / or an ACADIAN grandmother, please join this project by ordering a full mitochondrial sequence mtDNA test. 

-- If you have Y DNA, mtDNA, or Family Finder matches with members of the Acadian Amerindian Ancestry project and are researching your ancestry, you are welcome to join this project.

-- It is not necessary to have a percentage of "Amerindian" ancestry (also reported as "Native American") in your Autosomal DNA test results, to belong to the Acadian Amerindian Ancestry project.

If you'd like to discover new leads for ancestry research and close, immediate and distant cousins, please join the project by ordering a Family Finder kit -- or you may transfer your autosomal DNA results to Family Finder by clicking this link:

To join, click here: then click the JOIN button you'll find on the right. Enter your kit number and password (from Family Tree DNA) when prompted or buy a DNA test kit and you'll be able to become a member of our project.

Have questions? Contact the administrators of the project and we'll be glad to help you make the right decisions for your genetic genealogy goals.  They're listed on the project site:

Want more info? Click to read Roberta Estes' blog:

Thank you!

Marie Rundquist, Roberta Estes and Deadra Doucet Bourke, Administrators, Acadian Amerindian Ancestry Project, Family Tree DNA