I1>Z63+ and I1>Z59+

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About us

To join this project you need to have: 1. Y-DNA test results from FamilyTreeDNA. 2. Tested positive (or be an account manager for your male relative who tested positive) for I-M253-Z63, Z58, Z59, Z60, or Z73. This includes all subsequent haplogroups branching out from already mentioned, elementary haplogroups like Z63 and Z59. Examples of these branching haplogroups are Z2040, S2078, Y7666, PR683, S10360, BY3385, L1237, Y6634, FGC9550, and many others. If you tested positive for Z59>Z138 or Z59>Z140 or L1302, you should instead go to those FTDNA group projects where you will find much more results like yours. The project uses a combination of STR haplotypes and SNPs to group results. Kits that have provided the Admins with Limited or Advanced Access will be sorted into subgroups. These subgroup names may include recommendations for additional testing. When writing to Admins or Co-Admins for assistance, please include the kit number and the name on your account. Thank you and welcome to our group project.