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I1 RecLOH - YCAII a,b = 21,21

As we constantly improve and expand the Project, we will not forget our original mission, which was to investigate the shared ancestry of families that experienced the RecLOH mutation YCAII a,b=21,21.  Original members of the former‘21,21' project who tested negative for both of the SNPs, Z58 and Z63 have been sub-grouped as M253>DF29* on the Y-DNA Results Page. 

YCAIIa,b=21,21 is carried by numerous participants in the Z58+ and Z63+ sectors.  A RecLOH(Recombinational Loss of Heterozygosity) event is "a type of mutation which occurs with DNA by recombination." From a pair of equivalent(homologous), but slightly different (heterozygous) segments, a pair of identical (homozygous) segments results.

Palindromic Panel tests have been performed by Family Tree DNA to determine the nature of the RecLOH events affecting the 21,21 members of this project. In particular, advanced marker DYF399X has proven to be a very good glimpse intothese events. They are listed below.

DYF399X results

A few notes: The results at the top belong to members of the former I1 RecLOH - YCAII a,b = 21,21 Project, otherwise AS generic I1 individuals. Highlights in yellow represent deviations from the modal (21t-22c-23c). The individual in green is a non-21,21 AS generic male, picked randomly as the control sample for the DYF399X tests. Individuals in blue are non-21,21 AS generic males whose standard marker values would indicate a close relationship to the 21,21's. DYF399X results demonstrate the apparent closeness of the individuals in blue to the 21,21's in the standard markers is but coincidental, as there is a consistent distance in the advanced marker results, despite the fact that the MRCA of these Ellis individuals seems to have lived earlier than the 1700's. Due to the consistency of these results, DYF399X results will be used to determine whether a 21,21 individual is in fact a descendant of the recLOH ancestor of the members of this I1 recLOH - YCAII a,b = 21,21 project.

German Group:

Jergens                                                               kit#7121 - Theodore Rogahn b.1/8/1840 - Pomerania                         DYF399X:21t-22c-23c

Italian Group:

Taravella                                                              kit#141065 - Taravella, Valledolmo, Sicily,                                           DYF399X:21t-22c-23c

Iberian Group:

Salles Fernandes Silva Torres                                kit#148532 - Pedro Dias, b. c. 1560 - Mariz, Portugal                          DYF399X:20t-22c-23c

Gomes Torres                                                      kit#186618 - Pedro Dias, b. c. 1560 - Mariz, Portugal                          DYF399X:20t-22c-23c

Vieira                                                                   kit#192543                                                                                      DYF399X:20t-22c-22c

Torres                                                                  kit#56147 - Anselmo Gonzalez Ruiz, b. c. 1856 - Puerto Rico             DYF399X:21t-22c-21c

Gonzalez                                                             kit#178677                                                                                            DYF399X:20t-22c-21c

British Group:

Frame                                                                 kit#162603 - Andrew Frame, b. c. 1767 - Scotland                               DYF399X:20t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#202230 - James Frame, b. c. 1661 - Scotland                                 DYF399X:20t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#193024 - John Frame, b. c. 1791 - 1844 - Scotland                         DYF399X:20t-23c-23c

Jobling                                                                kit#131250 - John Jopling                                                                      DYF399X:20t-21c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#110709 - John Frame, b. c. 1777 - Lanark, Scotland                       DYF399X:21t-21c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#64529 - Robert Frame, b. c. 1705 - Scotland                                   DYF399X:21t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#84205 - Thomas Frame, b. c. 1640 - Durham, England                   DYF399X:21t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#91065 - Thomas Frame, b. c. 1767 - Scotland                                 DYF399X:21t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#153309 - James Frame, b. c. 1776 - Scotland                                 DYF399X:21t-22c-23c

Hamilton                                                             kit#8048 - John Hamilton, m. 10 Jul 1755 - Carluke, Scotland              DYF399X:21t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#75654 - Mifflin Saunders Frame, b. c. 1806 - 1861                          DYF399X:21t-22c-23c

Ingham                                                               kit#83351 - James Ingham, b. c. 1829 - Ribchester, Lancashire, UK    DYF399X:21t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#129873 - James Frame, b. c. 1760 - United Kingdom                      DYF399X:21t-23c-23c
Frame                                                                 kit#136903 -
Thomas Frame, b. c.1852 - 1893 - Scotland                     DYF399X:21t-23c-24c

Fraim                                                                  kit#87806 - David Fraim - Ireland                                                           DYF399X:22t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#76423 - John Frame, b. c.1785 - Scotland                                       DYF399X:22t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#145324 - James 'Irish Jimmy' Frame, b. c.1729 - Scotland              DYF399X:22t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#150485 - James 'Irish Jimmy' Frame, b. c.1729 - Scotland              DYF399X:23t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#89177 - James Frame, m. 1801 - Montgomery Co., KY, US             DYF399X:22t-22c-23c

Frame                                                                 kit#163068 - William Frame, b. c.1786                                                   DYF399X:22t-22c-23c

Scruggs                                                              kit#16435 - Edward Scruggs, b. c. 1770 - Cumberland Co., VA, US      DYF399X:22t-22c-23c

Prophit                                                                kit#146708 - James Prophet, b. c. 1783                                                 DYF399X:22t-22c-22c

Etheredge                                                           kit#184436 - George Etheredge, b. c. 1751 - England                           DYF399X:23t-22c-23c

Dutch Group:

Van der Vloet                                                      kit#208365                                                                                              DYF399X:23t-22c-23c

Control Sample:

Salles Fernandes (non-21,21 AS generic)         kit#172172                                                                                              DYF399X:23t-22c-26c

Other non-21,21 AS generics:

MacIsaac (non-21,21 AS generic)                      kit#182064                                                                                              DYF399X:21t-23c-23c

Renouf (non-21,21 AS generic)                         kit#146414                                                                                               DYF399X:21t-23c-25c

Hendrix (non-21,21 AS generic)                         kit#40638                                                                                                DYF399X:22t-22c-26c

Wieder (non-21,21 AS generic)                             ysearch#5H344                                                                                      DYF399X:24t-23t-22c-23c

Bemus (non-21,21 AS generic)                             kit#29143                                                                                                DYF399X:22t-24c-23c

Uncertain if related 21,21's (likely separate recLOH events):

Slack                                                                   kit#151617                                                                                              DYF399X:20t-23c-27c

Slack                                                                   kit#126651                                                                                              DYF399X:20t-23c-25c

Gaus                                                                   kit#57430                                                                                                DYF399X:23t-22c-26c

Skinnerup                                                           kit#136503                                                                                               DYF399X:23t-23c-23c

Not related:

Ellis (non-21,21 ASgeneric)                                kit#170911                                                                                               DYF399X:24t-24c-25c

Ellis (non-21,21 ASgeneric)                                kit#197362                                                                                               DYF399X:24t-24c-25c

Ellis (non-21,21 AS generic)                               kit#108458                                                                                               DYF399X:24t-24c-25c