THE OBJECTIVES: Objectives of this project include consulting yDNA & mtDNA test results in order to identify the various Murray families, and to connect those members with common lineal ancestry.


* Is Freskin who lived in the 10th Century, a common ancestor to a large percentage of Murrays scattered throughout the world today?

* Are the de Moravia Murrays from Moray in Scotland with certainty descended from the above Freskin, and are branches of these de Moravia kin only designated as Murray over time, or has the name evolved into a much larger surname base than those of which we are currently aware?

* Are any or all of our known Murray family groups related to a different common ancestor in antiquity? * Are there definite & distinct family groups within nations?

* If distinct families are proven to be related, which method of research should we consult in order to prove the paper trail?

 * Which Scottish-Irish -English Murray families are interconnected to non-UK/Irish Murray families now re-settled in Australia & New Zealand; Canada; South Africa; & United States, where the majority of Murray emigrants are known to have settled.

 * How many participants have derived their Murray surname from their Clan Chief-Murray as was common practice in Scotland over the centuries. Many matches with one particular surname OTHER than Murray MAY give participants a clue that this is indeed a possibility regarding their own lineage, and indicate that further research along these lines is a necessity.

* Another goal is to establish a forum - or blog, and more detailed graphic website whereby images can also be uploaded and discussions undertaken regarding various results and family lineages throughout the world.

* Thousands of Scottish folk with the name McGregor/ MacGregor were known to have changed their surname to Murray during the period of persecution of the MacGregor clan. How many of these kin are now matching with Murray-McGregor after yDNA testing?

* Large numbers of families changed their names to MURRAY for reasons of inheritance in Scotland even as recently as the 19th Century. Murray males with no male heir would leave an estate to a male grand child [daughter's offspring] on the condition that their surname was changed to Murray. On occasion this could be the reason for your apparant 'brick wall'.

* Non parental event~ Female Murrays often determined to bring up their male child as a Murray for various reasons- Grandparents as guardians of their deceased Murray daughters' offspring did the same~ in these cases there are many thousands of males named Murray today who are actually decended on the female line to a Murray- however their yDNA will NOT be that of Murray and will only match other males named Murray who are descended from that same female line. This is not as rare an occurance as it may at first glance, appear to be. 

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