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AUGUST 2016- MAY 2018

Project converted to My Groups format May 2018
Results spreadsheet for mtDNA results is no longer available for Public viewing.
New Members must now formally request to join the project

Group 4 members said to descend from Colonial American pioneer James Moray
of Baltimore and wife Jemima are matching English members named Morrey and
may be related to pioneer Humphrey Morrey of Mayor of Baltimore. 

Matthew Murray and John Stanton Murray are now coordinators for Haplogroup
assignment and SNP queries for our project.

JANUARY 2016 - JULY 2016

More shortly. May 2018. Results will be briefly outlined.

Please Note: Results data is missing temporarily from this page and will be reissued for dates July 2013 to July 2016 



JANUARY 2015 - JULY 2015




JANUARY 2014 - JULY 2014


JULY 2013 - DECEMBER 2013


January 2013 - June 2013

Research Findings Group 1:01  >>>

Progenitor of this family is recognised as Archibald de Moravia- b1250c-d1315 circa of Peebles Shire & Selkirk Shire. Signed Ragman Roll 1296. "Statute of Rageman" possible son of Malcolm de Moravia- Sherrif of Perthshire during this era. An Archibald de Moravia & Roger de Moravia were also related Bishops of Moray.

1296-Morref,Morauia Erchebaud de (del counte de Pebbles). Sons: Malcolm de Moravia & Roger de Moravia.

Group 1:01 (Aqua) in our Project are said to be related to:

 Murray of Murraythwaite; Cockpool,  Annandale; Eddleston or Ugston earlier Ogston; Drumstinchall; Drumcrieff; Londonderry- Cardon; Clooney & Bloom Hill; Hambledon Ulster ;  Dunerne; Deuchar; Sundhope; Philiphaugh;Falahill ; Stanhope; Elibank; Priestfield & Blackbarony family (2) NOT (1)  of Blackbarony- also possibly Traquair, more certainly: Dunerne;  Melgund; Melgum; Skirling; Priestfield; Cringlettie;  Tundergarth; Henderland & Broughton & Kirkcudbright, with the Murraythwaite line claiming direct descent to Freskyn, along with the Sutherlands. 

Sutherland Clan DNA Project HERE

Douglas Clan DNA Project HERE

* Note Backbarony Family 1 may not be related to Blackbarony family 2.

* Note: Romanno Murray may not be related to this family.

Group 1 also has very few matches at y12 to any other surname and at y25 y37 and y67 to no others except each other & four family members from the Netherlands named WALDRON; WALLERON; WALDERNE- who were from Holland Amsterdam 16th Century to New Amsterdam- said to be related to Count Wallereon or Waldron 1100 circa who was in England 1130? circa and whose family were living backwards and forwards from Amsterdam Holland (Netherlands).

It is possible that there were two or three entirely different unrelated progenitors of ALL of the above Murrays who were mistakenly linked in some cases by early heraldic historians. Only yDNA can prove or disprove these linkages. Further possible links to Freskyn are certainly within the membership of Group 0 -Red- with indications being that this Group represents a cadet line of the Murrays of Tullibardine via Ochtertyre & Lintrose. Also the Group below 1a:2 comprises of Murrays & Sutherland men who match each other 67/6 indicating a definite relationship . Some of these men also match the Chief line of MacGregor: see below.
There is also a possibility that these Murrays are possibly linked to Murray of Erlisorchard & Schillinglaw- Murray of Romanno-  Murray of Cherrytrees or Murray of Traquair. Please see this excellent Website if you believe that you may be related to the Peeblesshire branch of this familyHERE

Research Findings Group 1a:2 >>>>

This group appears in part to match Chiefs of Clan Gregor- or MacGregor men in general. These Murrays also appear to match a Sutherland member. Clan MacGregor was subject to a bann on use of their name in Scotland throughout 1650-1750 circa and many changed their name to Murray. We are yet to discover if this branch of Murrays may also be related to Freskyn via the Sutherland member in this GroupThis group is very interesting given their many links between Sutherlands, Campbells and MacGregors. Given that the MacGregor surname was banned (proscribed) during the 1600's , many of the members of this huge clan adopted the surname of Murray. They also adopted surnames such as Campbell & also Sutherland, and most other highland names. Some members reverted to their MacGregor surname once the bann was listed in much later years, however many did not, and it is these surname holders who are currently seeking their roots. 

Clan Gregor Website Results are here

Also matching some in this Murray Group are the Stirling MacGregors who appear to trace their ancestry to Alpin King of Scots.
Here is a comparison of the first 25 markers for a few of the ancient lineages co mpared to the Murrays & Sutherlands.

Kit 2124     MacGregor Of MacGregor     Gregor founder of the clan
13     24     14     10     10-14     12     12     12     13     13     30     17     9-10     11      11     25     15     19     30     15-15-17-17

Kit 38027     Stirling     Alpine, King of Scots. (Robert Stirling/MacGregor)
13     24     14     10     10-14     12     12     12     13     13     30     17     9-10     11       11     25     15     19     30     15-15-17-

Kit 2125     MacGregor     Pat. Malloch/McGregor from Ian Cam MacGregor died 1390
13     24     14     10     10-14     12     12     12     13     13     30     17     9-10     11       11     25     15     19     
31     15-15-17-17

Kit 205188     James Murray 1722-1783 Fauquier VA m. Lydia Hughes     Scotland     R1b1a2a1a1b4
13     24     14     10     
11-14     12     12     12     13     13     30     18     9-10     11       11     25     15     19     30     15-15-16-17

Related in Antiquity- 67/6 Genetic Distance

Niall Noigíallach-High King of Ireland>>>>
Group 2,

Although results from our research project to date are not appearing to adhere in any depth to this hypothesis for the other Murray groups within our project as a whole who do not have the DYS 390=24 as having descended from Freskyn, we are having enormous success with our Murrays descended from the Irish High Kings & Saint Columba!. 

This Group (2b1), comprises the largest group of Murrays by far, within our research project. Other designations of the Murray name also appear in Ireland, and we have definite links of descent for Murray members in our project to a great number of Irish Murray branches, especially with this ancient Niall Noigíallach King of Ireland=  Lord Ui Neil of the Nine Hostages fame who lived 400 AD circa. Also some Irish Murrays are believed to descend from a native Irish male of the name, Mac Muireadhaigh or Ó Muireadhaigh "descendant of Muireadhach" or Mac Giolla Mhuire. It is a goal of administration within our project to attempt to determine the inter-relatedness of all of these Irish Murray lineages.

For more information regarding the Nine Hostages please see the following link HERE &  for a basic description HERE.

Niall Noigiallach > "Niall of the Nine Hostages" died 450-455  was one of the greatest High Irish kings and is believed to have consolidated his power by leading raids on the Roman Empire, taking hostages from rival Irish royal families, Britain and the European mainland, thus earning the name Niall of the Nine Hostages? Saint Patrick was said to have been kidnapped and brought to Ireland as one of his hostages during his raids.

Most of his descendents are concentrated in northwest Ireland, an area where DNA testing has shown that one in every five males have inherited his Y-chromosome. Studies also that outside of Ireland, approximately one in 10 men in western and central Scotland also carry the gene, and 2% of European American New Yorkers carried it as well, likely due to the historically high rates of Irish emigration to North America.

Here is the Genetic Signature for this Group with acceptable mutations =- 1 in certain DYS Markers.

Further analysis on Group 2 cannot continue until all members submit details regarding their most distant ancestor & family trees or Gedcoms. 

Athole Lineage  possible initial evidence?

Group 7(Blue Banner) Historically tied to Murray of ATHOLL via Tullibardine  -  are another large Group within our project and research is moving forward on the actual lineage of the men in this project to Murray of TullibardineThese Murrays are found arising from Perthshire & also, unsurprisingly,  Sutherland & Morayshire in Scotland. Research is currently underway as to further links to Tullibardine Atholl Murrays within this Group . This is particularly relevant regarding the Murray of Lintrose cadet branch of Murray of Ochtertyre, who are also historically documented as descendants of the Murray of Tullibardine line. The basis of this lineal evidence is under investigation at present.   At the same time links have been found to possible relationships between early colonial American Scottish & Scot Irish immigrants thought to be related to the Murrays of Tullibardine historically . As we have a number of American immigrant lines within this group- these members are the main basis for comparison however a number of the participants are also Scottish with family currently residing in Perthshire; Stirling and the Scottish highlands 

Members are invited to explore Family Finder Test  in order to possibly establish links with other members who have the above mentioned Murrays in their family as ancestors during 1700-1800 circa, and may have more information on ancestors accordingly. 


Argued by Riddell to have been direct descendants of the Murrays of Bothwell.

Murrays of :

Drumquahassle; Touchadam; Touchmaler; Wallalandis; Schiphaugh; Fardovan; Huddisfield; Livilands; Torbrex; Murrayshall. 

Group 7. within our project may be affiliated to or descended from the Senior Murray line of Touchadam &  Polmaise whose descendants inhabited Murrayshall in Polmaise Stirlingshire Scotland.  Murray affiliations to this family may be via Murray lands of Drumquahassle according to anecdotal evidence provided by members within this group. 

The Haplogroup of this line is I2a -Sub-clade L233.

Group 4.  also remain possibilities for ancient Murray links:

The ancestor of Group 4. born 1640 circa: James Murray or Moray 1665-1704 Baltimore, maintained large tracts of land in American colonies of Maryland etc named Athole. He also used the Murray of Annandale -Crichton Coat of Arms - Annandale extinct at that  time. Possibly a political exile: This family appear to be related to the Morrey family of Quakers from Cheshire in England to Philadelphia USA during the late 1600's

Morrows & McMurrays

Whilst a surname itself may give us incomplete or misleading information about the origin of a family surname; DNA-testing on the other hand can provide the strongest evidence available today for identifying and separating the various family lineages. Y-chromosome DNA testing is especially helpful because the male Y-chromosome is handed down, father to son from ones  paternal Murray ancestors, unchanged through the generations except for rare mutations which, in themselves can be helpful indicators of branching. 

The accessibility and affordability of family DNA testing (now $49 for entry level male yDNA test) is doubtless the greatest technical advance in the history of genealogical research because at long, long last we have a tool to break down those brick walls. Also of note in this project are the inter-relatedness of the Morrow ; McMurray & Morrah surname holders with that of the surname Murray. Further evidence for this relationship can be cited in writings during the early 1800's whereby observers noted that 
'the great surname of Murray is pronounced as Morow in the Scottish Borders.'

Potential participants with the surname Morrow and derivatives are advised that quite a number of matches (including exact matches) have occurred with participants from various countries including Scotland, England, Ireland , and throughout Europe and the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada , Nova Scotia and South Africa; within our current Murray surname study. Please see the Morrow surname project here on FTDNA, which has excellent resources for those with the surname Morrow. If you are a participant within the Morrow surname project you may add Murray as an additional surname project to your home page once your kit has been returned to FTDNA and results received and you see that you are also matching Murray males within our project. Murray participants along with Sutherland & others are easily able to do the same.

Not all FTDNA participants named Morrow are related to the Murrays, however some definitely are. It is a goal of this project to sort the various Morrow -Murray relationships into their respective family lineages and determine when it was that their surname was changed from Murray to Morrow.

The name McMurray & MacMurray with or without the (a) before the (y) have been shown to be related to both Morrow & Murray male lineages in many of our Groups within the project. This relationship is evidence that various families appended the Mac to their name to possibly distinguish or remove their name association from other Murrays of the era who may have been involved in political intrigues andrecalcitrant behaviours in the eyes of the British Government of the day(Which many were!)

October 2012- December 2012

Results for Nova Scotia Murrays said to be Tullibardine have matched with quite a number of men named Morrow whose ancestors emigrated to South Carolina 1770 circa.

Two Kits have returned this week (w/c Oct 15) whereby no haplogroup can be determined due to the rarity of both profiles. Free backbone SNP test will be provided to both Kit holders.

Specific results overview will be detailed here shortly

January 2012- October 2012

More male members have ordered the y111 test kit this past few months. As more members order this test refined results within individual families may become more apparent.

Many members have taken advantage of the special offers in July and also quite a number of new members have joined the project.

More female Murrays are ordering the mtDNA tests and results are currently pending for a number of these members.

January 2011

Seven new lineages are currently being tested for compatibility with other Murrays in our Database. These lineages also represent thousands of Murrays over time from around the world.

The latest promotion has attracted new members undertaking the y67 test- Great value in December 2010.

Results are consistently returning with matches in both mtDNA & yDNA + Family finder- often-times on a daily basis.

5th January- Sutherland surname co-administrator joins Murray surname project.

Researchers will know that the Sutherland family are historically linked to the Murrays & to Freskin de Moravia de Fleming- Knight from the Netherlands who is said to be the progenitor of both families in Scotland.

Some members matching Waldron Family from the Netherlands. Are they also related to Freskin?

Murray lineages now represented in the database:

1. Said to be descended from- Freskin~ Murrays of Cockpool ~ Murrays of Murraythwaite ~Murray of Annandale ~

2. Related to above & said to be descended from- John Murray of Falahill~ Murray of Blackbarony~ Murray of Philiphaugh~ Deuchar~ Sundhope ~Elibank

[ The 2 lineages above are also matching each other 67/5 noting a shared ancestor at about the time of birth of Andrew Murray of Blackbarony] John Murray of Falahill did say- Andrew Murray of Cockpool was ' a dear cousin of mine! '  It looks like we may have proved this legend correct after 450- 500 years~]

3. Said to be descended from- Murray of Tullibardine~ Participants are calling for any male members of the Tullibardine lineage to join our surname project in order to verify their results. Group 1b; 3; 7 & 7C

4. Said to be descended from Murray of Traquair & possibly Stanhope~
Group 1b

December 2010

Many results have reurned matching others in the database this month. Please see the updated yDNA & mtDNA reults pages for further information.

More details shortly....

27 July 2010

A very large number of matches over the past 8 weeks.

More information & Analysis to be posted here January 2010.

Facebook Murray Clan DNA Project Page initiated.!/group.php?gid=135181006519905&ref=mf

As at 17 May 2010.


Kits dates due for return,with results.
172159Y-DNA12+mtDNA(mtHaplo) 350 04/28/2010 due 28 April

172819Y-DNA67(Y-DNA38-47 Markers) Morrow 351 05/14/2010 due 14 May

178240Y-DNA37(Y-DNA13-25 Markers, Y-DNA26-37 Markers, Y-DNA1-12 Markers) ...... Murray 358 06/25/2010 due 25 June

34476mtHVR2toMega(FGS) Murray 345 05/14/2010 due 14 May

83459Chip01, Family Finder McMurray 354 05/17/2010 due 17 May

N84397mtFullSequence(FGS, HVR2) Murray 353 05/28/2010 due 28 May

15 May 2010
Matches Notified- 2 participants [Family Finder]
Various Matches have been identified 2004- 2010
To be updated here in this Results Page shortly.

These matches include EXACT Matches 67/67 yDNA alleles.

Please return shortly.


16th May 2010- Sunday

Irving James Murray is now Project Co- Administrator

Kits due for return with results-dates posted on project results page.

5th May 2010- Saturday

1. Alexandrina Murray is now Project Administrator.

2. Potential Co-Administrators to be contacted.

3. Project Webpages are now updated

4. mtDNA matches for 2 MURRAY Project participants have been received.

5. Y-DNA & mtDNA results updated and grouped by haplotype.

14 May 2010 -

Friday Mrs Pat Murray retired as project administrator due to ongoing illness.

Various Matches have been identified 2004- 2010

To be updated here in this News Page shortly. These matches include EXACT Matches 67/67 yDNA alleles.
18 Dec 2004 - as of this date, one MURRAY has joined the project and a MURRAY relative has purchased a kit and is on the prowl for a likely test subject... as per Pat Murray
6 Oct 2004 - the MURRAY Surname Project was announced. 4 march 2005 - As of this date, we have 11 People signed up for the project and have received the results for 2.