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And all kin of the Murray Clan or those surname holders with other spelling variations; you are invited to join our Clan Surname project. Currently we have male & female members from Scotland; Ireland; Ulster; Australia; England; South Africa; United States; Canada; & New Zealand within our Murray Clan DNA Research Project.

Transfer you autosomal results for FREE to FTDNA from ANCESTRY.COM & 23&ME

BritainsDNA; ScotlandsDNA & IrelandsDNA participants may liaise with our Murray Project Admin Team to discuss your Haplogroup results to be included in our Global Murray Results Database with reference to your proven Haplogroup. Results will be privately grouped at our projects new sister website in matching sub-groups, along with our FTDNA membership . Murrays who have tested with various laboratories may also participate fully in our Murray DNA Project here at FTDNA by ordering YDNA or Autosomal tests, at any time. Autosomal Family Finder, YDNA paternal testing & the resulting Project members spreadsheet will help you to determine and liaise with, any matching Murray kin folk.

Please see the full description of our project below the following links.

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Alexandrina Murray M.A., Modern History

Email Alexandrina Murray 


Please see below for a list of our individual volunteer Group Project Coordinators.


Murray is of Gaelic - Scottish etymological origin [according to Wiki] the surname Murray was originally a localised Scottish name derived from the region now called Moray. The Gaelic-native Irish version is the Anglicised form of the name Muireach, a contracted form of Muireadhach. All Scottish versions are variants of Moray.
Name: written as MORREF or MURREF in Latin- and de Moravia.
All surname holders of this name were known as MORAY NOT de Moravia which is the written Latin form of the name only.

Note: Moray is pronounced Murray, and in the Scottish Borders the surname Murray was / is pronounced Morroh or Murrah ~hence MORROW. The Shire of Morayshire in the Scottish Highlands is pronounced there as Murrayshire.

We are seeking any individuals descended from an ancestor with the name of Murray or historically related or derivative below to join our DNA Research Project.


Also Welcome are families known to derive from Murray ancestors including: NAIRNE ; MERCER; HOME , HUME & DRUMMOND .
Also; any male line who adopted the surname Murray- ie:  CRICHTON and CRIGHTON or any genetically Murray family who adopted any other surname historically.

a) Firstly our male (paternal) line yDNA Project requires males named Murray or derivative surname specifically descended from any Murray fore-father. Members of our DNA project group to date represent tens of thousands of Murray lineages throughout the world today; there are qualified researchers within this project whose many ancestors have been documented in British archives, especially The Scottish National Archives, who have a wealth of information to share with any Murray kinfolk found to be related to them.

If you are interested in this test please note that the y37 or Y111 are the most suitable for matching purposes.  The y67 will always be available as well from the Y37 marker test as an upgrade, no new kit required. For men; in order to trace your male Murray father-line into antiquity you will definitely need this particular test in preference to any autosomal Family Finder test Kit. Only males have YDNA and this is inherited with few mutations ,down through the generations and will be of a very profile similar for any males descended from the same ancestor.

Descendants of Murrays who emigrated to Colonial lands from the 17th Century, and were cut off from kin folk; family legends and histories, are now thoroughly researching their lineage hoping to find documented ancestors in archives throughout the 'West'.

b) Secondly, our Family Finder project group are now a growing proportion of our overall membership body. The Family Finder autosomal test is a very powerful tool available for ALL individuals , both male & female who have a Murray ancestor within approximately 5-6 generations from the participant who should preferably be the oldest family member related to the Murrays' in your lineage.

There have been occasions when the test has found matching Murray relatives back 7 + generations however this test has a high confidence level only up to 5 generations.
 Please recruit the oldest family member for this purpose.

c) Female Murrays may also join our project and look for relatives on their Mother's maternal line with a variety of mtDNA tests, as well as all other lines the Family Finder above, for all other lines. Family Finder is the preferred test for female Murrays hoping to connect with other Murray relatives.  You may also be a sponsor for any Murray male relative in your extended family regarding his Y-DNA or Family Finder Kit. Please see the FAQ section of the Family Tree DNA website for further information.

d) Males also inherit their Mother's mtDNA and can partake in Mitochondrial line testing in the same way that their female relatives can, however males will NOT pass this mtDNA along to their own offspring.

Members who have participated in  Autosomal testing may desire to upload their raw data for free to Family Tree DNA. Please note that free autosomal DNA transfers are available for participants at Ancestry.com and 23&Me and My Heritage. See more here. https://www.familytreedna.com/AutosomalTransfer  Although Family Tree DNA holds by far the largest database of DNA participants for genealogical purposes, with over 854,816 records in the database as of February 26th 2017. This represents millions of individuals over time. Read more here. It is still a priority for male Murrays to participate in YDNA testing as a priority in order to maximize your chances of a match with lineally descended male Murray relatives  exclusively, perhaps located in a variety of European nations.

As previously stated; testing with Family Tree DNA is available for male Y Chromosome samples (and also mtDNA samples from both male and female participants.) Only males have Y-DNA, and in the case of YDNA testing, only Murray males are able to participate in that particular category. However female Murrays have various options detailed below. As mentioned above: If you are a female Murray, it is possible to sponsor a Y-DNA sample on behalf of any male named Murray relative representing your line. For example: father; cousins; uncles; grandfather; great uncles; brothers etc.
In order to mitigate costs if this is an issue for you, it is also possible to request that various family branch members contribute to the cost . In this way results can be distributed to all contributors related to the participant along with a copy of the result, and a certificate. Only one sample need be submitted and preferably from the oldest member until a later date when individual family members might decide to participate further. As both male and female Murrays may also participate in the 'Family Finder' project detailed above via that autosomal DNA test with extremely powerful reporting results and is available to order from this website.

 FTDNA home page has further FAQ details

You are invited to also visit the following website for an excellent overview of this topic prior to, or after ordering visit: ~ The Blair DNA Project at: Blairdna.com , an award winning Surname Project website.  After returning your kit to FTDNA if at all possible, please provide your direct lineage back to the earliest known Murray ancestor in Gedcom format if you are familiar with this software, or build your tree online here at FTDNA from your FTDNA desktop, excluding living persons other than yourself. For further information on our Murray Clan research project please see the 'Project News' link above, also available from above and the Top-Bar drop-down links or contact our project Administrator. See a list of email addresses for our volunteer project Administrator, Co-Administrator and specific group Researchers above. Don't forget to check back regularly for updates to the YDNA and mtDNA results also available from above links.
Results to date - 

Chieftains- Atholl (Tullibardine) & Dunmore plus Abercairney.

Like many Clan DNA Projects we Murrays are also very keen to recruit ANY descendant of our Chieftains;

Lairds of Atholl (-Athole) (ex Tullibardine)  , Abercairny - Join Clan Here ; Auchtertyre Ochtertyre; Stormont at Scone - Mansfield; Balvaird; Murrayshall;  Strowan; Dumbarton Trinity Gask ; Murray Nairn and Dunmore, Mercer ; Tibbermuir - Tippermore? Dysart; Mansfield; Woodend; Glendoick; Ayton; Arbenie; Pitcaithly; Pitcullen; Dollarie; Ayton; Glendoick ; Dysart; Strowan ; Tippermore ; Claremont - Blebo; Lords Nairne; with the Murrays of Abercairney and Auchtertyre perhaps descending separately.

And any Cadet branch of this family. Which branch of the huge Murray Clan is actually descended from our historical grandfather Freskin (Freskyn de Moravia, in reality?

Progenitor - said to be Sir Malcolm Moray (Murray) designated in text as de Moravia,  born 1220 circa & died circa 1280 Sheriff of Perth. His ancestors are unknown & unproven however he may be descended from John Murray Sheriff of Perth & the Lairds Moray of Petty & Parsons of Duffus. If this lineage is correct this line would ascend to Freskyn of Moray through his son William 1140-1204 circa

Morref, de Tulybardy, William de (del counte de Perth). 1296 Ragman Roll

Tullibardine Murrays of Atholl & Dunmore- Group 7 Haplogroup I2a (i) P37 > L233
Related to Murray of Abercairny; Stormont and other Branches of Tullibardine 

Within our research project a number our Scottish descended Murrays -mainly Australian; Canadian & American members had inherited anecdotal evidence that they descended from the Murrays of Tullibardine or cadets. We now know that these family histories were correct and that this varied group (including many men named Morrow) are certainly directly genetically related to the Murrays of Tullibardine; Atholl or Dunmore or one of their cadet branches. All of these lineages claim direct descent from the Clan progenitor Freskin de Moravia. Please see our News section from the tab above for further information. 

Scottish Clans represented within the various Family Tree DNA projects have been very successful to date in recruiting males descended from Chiefs of Clans, and also the current Chiefs of Clans, to help untangle their Clan histories and legends. And the Murray Clan is no exception to this rule. 

Arguably, John Riddell as the most prolific and well known genealogical researcher of the Victorian era, writing in 1843 circa, argued vehemently that the Moray-Murray de Moravia line from Freskyn descended through his elder son William & younger son Hugh (Hugo) whereby it then split into Moray on the one hand and Sutherland- Douglas on the other. These Morays were progenitors of the Murrays of Bothwell through one son, and the Murrays of Abercairney from another. Riddell furthermore argued using heraldry as a means of evidence, that the Murrays of Polmaise and Touchadam were of the Bothwell line and the Murrays of Atholl, Tullibardine and Dunmore descend through the Abercairny branch.  Whilst we are still in the midst of determining the accuracy of these arguments, we now know that the Sutherland- & Douglas Chief lines do not match the Chief Line of Murray of Tullibardine- Atholl via Dunmore. Please see our News section regarding research by Alexandrina Murray as presented to University of St Andrews Flemish in Scotland during June of 2016 and online at University of St Andrews Conference Blog in HTML and PDF format.

If you can help in recruiting any Murray descended from the Murray of  Polmaise & Touchadam, Murray of Abercairney, Atholl or Murray of Tullibardine line or their cadet branches please contact Alexandrina Noble Murray here alexandrina@inbox.com with a cc here: Alexandrina.Murray@gmail.com

FRESKYN de MORAVIA of Duffus & Strathbroch.

Moray of Abercairny - Murray-Moray of Bothwell - Sutherland & Douglas?

As stated above, some of the branches of the surname of Murray derive from inhabitants of Moray shire in north eastern Scotland, and are said to have evolved over the ages from individual families resident in that area; not all were genetically related. The first of these Moray men designated as de Moravians, was referred to in a variety of sources as either a descendant of ancient Gaelic Scots, or perhaps a Dutch-Flemish Knight named Fresechan or Freskin, Freskyn, Friskin or FRESKINE de Moravia. He was argued by certain scholars to be of the Royal Flemish house of Boulogne, & son of Ollef or Ollech ; an immigrant from the Netherlands (Holland), Utrecht or nearby Friesland and of Flemish lineage. Freskyn de Moravia was born 1085 circa and was deceased by 1158 circa and certainly prior to 1166-1172. He was alive during the reign of Kings David 1st & Malcolm Canmore who reigned from 1058 and died in November 1093 and was son of King Duncan who was killed by Macbeath.

The nick name Freskyn means -curly or frizzy haired person.

This family may also have originated in the vicinity of Friesland as stated above. There is also a possibility that Freskyn's arrival in Scotland was via England whereby Flemish settlers were expelled from London by the English King during this era. Many arguably arrived in Britain due to massive destructive flooding and land loss accordingly in the Netherlands-Holland-Noord area during this era (1134; 1163; 1170; & 1196). Over 60,000 lives were said to have been lost during one such inundation alone in 1212  with another 36,000 lives lost seven years later in 1219 AD. Various researchers over time have in juxtaposition, argued that the Freskyn family is NOT Flemish at all, but rather are descendants of ancient Gaelic Scots.

Freskyn's early descendants in Scotland designated de Moravia of Strathbroch  'of Moray' having supposedly settled in Scotland in the reign of King David 1st's reign - 1124-1153 and at his behest according to some sources, and was argued to be possibly a relative by marriage within the Boulogne family. Freskyn's wife was thought by some to have been named Johanna. Freskyn acquired from David, the lands named:

a) Strathbroch in West Lothinan near Uphill and the present day Edinburgh Airport near to Broxburn (BrookBurn).

b) Duffus "Dufhus" in Moray near Elgin & Lossiemouth, including Inshkiel, Kintrae  & Rosile. An area including Ross Shire; Inverness Shire to Skye & Nairn.

c) Bothwell in Lanarkshire later- granted to Grandsons by ruling monarch.

Freskyn son of Ollec / Ollech (who was possibly residing in Pembrokeshire Wales and may have arrived with William the Conqueror in 1066); known as Fresechinus filius Ollech , was dispatched from either Wales where he resided in 1130, or his Scottish homelands of Strathbroch ( near Uphill today,) to the Moray area along with Flemish loyalists and possibly his sons.This was argued to have been in order to purge the vicinity of invading Norsemen & Morayshire rebels, which they accomplished very successfully, hence the Freskyn family land grants in Duffus near Elgin in Morayshire. Also the feuds between King David and his nephew at that time regarding the succession may have contributed to Freskyn and sons presence in the area. This line, apparently as ancestors of Lords Bothwell from which line descends the hero Andrew Moray compatriot of William Wallace. It is important to note though, that no historical documentation designates Freskyn nor his Kin as Flemish, nor were they ever referred to in Conveyancing records  as 'de Flandrensis' or  Flemish. It has been argued that all important Flemish families were without exception, designated as such. Freskyn's line on the other hand, was apparently not. Arguably this may have been because he was a first or second generation son/grandson born in the British Isles though.

As noted, there is historical evidence that the Freskyn family were said to have historically split into two branches initially, after either Freskyn or his son William intermarried with the ancient Royal House of Moray (Johannah?):

a) the branch of Son William de Moravia taking the surname Moray.. " Wilhelmus filius Frisgin".

b) The branch of son or grandson Hugo -Hugh de Moravia -progenitor of Lairds of Clan Sutherland - The oldest Earldom in Britain!

c) The branch of son or Grandson of Freskyn- Andrew Bishop of Moray.

d) One branch of the family became progenitors of a Branch of Clan Douglas. Current research (Alexandrina Murray) appears to strongly confirm this link outlining the DYS Marker values. Modal for both Groups = y67/1 GD=1

 email me for Excel spreadsheet 

Others argue that Freskyn's direct line ended in two heiresses and that the Sutherland Moray Murrays descended from him are the progenitors of the current Murray line of Freskyn. Read more HERE about this argument & see the historic ruins & archaeological survey results re Freskyn's  DUFFUS CASTLE.

Research Findings Group 1:01  Haplogroup U152 > L20

Progenitor of this family is recognized as Archibald de Moravia -Archibald Moray b.1250c-d.1315 circa of Peebles Shire & Selkirk Shire Scotland. He signed the Ragman Roll 1296. "Statute of Rageman" along with his son Malcolm. Archibald was the possible son of Malcolm de Moravia- Sheriff of Perthshire during this era. Archibald Moray and Roger Moray were also related to Bishops of Moray

1296Morref,Morauia Erchebaud de (del counte de Pebbles). Sons: Malcolm de Moravia & Roger de Moravia.

Group 1:01 (Aqua) in our Project are said to be related to:

Murray of Murraythwaite; Cockpool,  Annandale; Stanhope; Eddleston or Ugston earlier Ogston; Drumstinchall; Drumcrieff; Londonderry- Cardon; Clooney & Bloom Hill; Hambledon Ulster ;  Dunerne; Deuchar; Sundhope; Philiphaugh; Falahill ; Stanhope; Elibank; Priestfield & Blackbarony family (2) NOT (1)  of Blackbarony- also Traquair, more certainly: Dunerne;  Melgund; Melgum; Skirling; Priestfield; Cringlettie;  Tundergarth; Henderland & Broughton & Kirkcudbright, with the Annandale Murraythwaite line claiming direct descent to Freskyn, along with the Sutherlands. (Freskyn descent also claimed by Murray of Tullibardine line however unrelated to Murray of Falahill et al) Note also Sutherland & Douglas lines also claim descent from Freskyn yet also unrelated to Murray of Tullibardine as well as Murray of Falahill etc.

Sutherland Clan DNA Project HERE

Douglas Clan DNA Project HERE

* Note Backbarony Family 1 may not be related to Blackbarony family 2.

* Note: Romanno Murray may not be related to above family.

Group 1 also has very few matches at y12 to any other surname and at y25 y37 and y67 to very few others apart from each other and a group of men whose ancestors were from the Netherlands named WALDRON; WALLERON; WALDERNE- of Holland Amsterdam -16th Century to New Amsterdam, said to be related to a Knight Wallereon or Waldron 1100 circa who was in England 1130? circa and whose family were living backwards and forwards from Amsterdam- (Netherlands).
Recently ; (December 2016) a descendant of Jacobite Sir John Murray of Stanhope & Broughton through his son Charles Murray -'The Actor' , joined our Y-DNA Project and his result matched all other Murray and Morrow members as anticipated. 

These Murrays are also linked to Murray of  Traquair & Erlisorchard; Schillinglaw- Murray of Romanno-  Murray of Cherrytrees . Please see this excellent Website if you believe that you may be related to the Peeblesshire branch of this familyHERE

Research Findings Group 1a:1 >>>>Haplogroup L21 > DF13 > S690

This group appears in part to match Chiefs of Clan Gregor- or MacGregor men in general. These Murrays also appear to match various Sutherland members. Clan MacGregor was subject to a ban on use of their name in Scotland throughout 1650-1750 circa by Royal decree and many changed their name to Murray. The MacGregor surname was banned -ie:(proscribed) during the 1600's, necessitating many of the members of this huge clan to adopt the surname of Murray. They also adopted surnames such as Campbell & Sutherland, and most other highland names. Some members reverted to their MacGregor surname once the ban was lifted in later years, however many did not and it is these surname holders who are currently seeking their roots.

Clan Gregor Website Results are here: http://tinyurl.com/cqzlq2m

Also matching some in this Murray Group are the Stirling MacGregors who appear to trace their ancestry to Alpin King of Scots.
Here is a comparison of the first 25 markers for a few of the ancient lineages co mpared to the Murrays & Sutherlands.

Kit 2124     MacGregor Of MacGregor     Gregor founder of the clan
13     24     14     10     10-14     12     12     12     13     13     30     17     9-10     11      11     25     15     19     30     15-15-17-17

Kit 38027     Stirling     Alpine, King of Scots. (Robert Stirling/MacGregor)
13     24     14     10     10-14     12     12     12     13     13     30     17     9-10     11       11     25     15     19     30     15-15-17-18

Kit 2125     MacGregor     Pat. Malloch/McGregor from Ian Cam MacGregor died 1390
13     24     14     10     10-14     12     12     12     13     13     30     17     9-10     11       11     25     15     19     31     15-15-17-17

Kit 205188     James Murray 1722-1783 Fauquier VA m. Lydia Hughes     Scotland     R1b1a2a1a1b4
13     24     14     10     11-14     12     12     12     13     13     30     18     9-10     11       11     25     15     19     30     15-15-16-17

Related in Antiquity- 67/6 Genetic Distance

Niall Noigíallach-- Ireland 400 CE Circa>>>> Haplogroup R1b (M269) M222
Group 2.0 

We are having enormous success with our Murrays descended from the Irish High Kings & supposedly Saint Columba! 

This Group (2.0), comprises the largest group of Murrays by far within our research project. Other designations of the Murray name also appear in Ireland, and we have definite links of descent for Murray members to a great number of Irish Murray branches, especially with this ancient Niall Noigíallach King of Ireland, popularly known as Lord Ui Neil of the Nine Hostages who lived 400 AD circa. Also some Irish Murrays are believed to descend from a native Irish male of the name, Mac Muireadhaigh or Ó Muireadhaigh "descendant of Muireadhach" or Mac Giolla Mhuire. It is a goal of administration within our project to attempt to determine the inter-relatedness of all of these Irish Murray lineages.

For more information regarding the Nine Hostages please see the following link HERE &  for a basic description HERE.

Niall Noigiallach > "Niall of the Nine Hostages" died 450-455  was one of the greatest high Irish kings and is believed to have consolidated his power by leading raids on the Roman Empire, taking hostages from rival Irish royal families, Britain and the European mainland, thus earning the name Niall of the Nine Hostages.

Saint Patrick was said to have been kidnapped and brought to Ireland as one of his hostages during one of these raids.

Most of Niall's descendants are concentrated in the north-west of Ireland, an area where DNA testing has shown that one in every five males have inherited his Y-chromosome. Studies also indicate that outside of Ireland, approximately one in 10 men in western and central Scotland also carry the gene, and 2% of European American New York residents carried it as well, likely due to the historically high rates of Irish emigration to North America.

Here is the Genetic Signature for this Group with acceptable mutations =   - 1 in certain DYS Markers.

Further analysis on Group 2 cannot continue until all members submit details regarding their most distant ancestor & family trees or Gedcoms.

Murray of Peeblesshire & USA - Paxtang; Swatara; Chillisquaque & Murray Hill:  

Group 2D:0:A (Red Banner) are a large group within our project and research is moving forward on the actual lineage of these men.  As we have a number of American immigrant lines within this group, these members are the main basis for comparison, however a number of the participants are also Scottish These are the historically well known Murrays of Pennsylvania- Swatara and the Murrays of Murray Hill New York who married into the Lindley family.

Members are invited to explore Family Finder Test  in order to possibly establish links with other members who have the above mentioned Murrays in their family tree as ancestors during 1700-1800 circa, and may have more information on ancestors accordingly.  Please see this excellent Website if you believe that you may be related to the Peeblesshire branch of this family. HERE


Argued by Riddell to have been direct descendants of the Murrays of Bothwell.

Murrays of Drumquahassle; Touchadam; Touchmaler; Wallalandis; Schiphaugh; Fardovan; Huddisfield; Livilands; Torbrex; Murrayshall.

Seeking men descended from the senior Murray line of
Touchadam &  Polmaise whose descendants were stated to have inhabited Murrayshall in Stirling Scotland. 

                                         Haplogroup I (i) M253 > Z17926

The ancestor of Group 4. born 1640 circa: James Murray or Moray 1665-1704 Baltimore, maintained large tracts of land in American colonies of Maryland etc named Athole. James Morray Murray married Jemima Morgan. The family appeared to have been Quakers.  However if our members stating they descend from this James have their pedigrees in-tact and they do in fact descend from this James -he appears to have been genetically related to an English family named MORREY , and may be related to Humphrey Morrey (also known as Murray) Mayor of Philadelphia, whose family were immigrants from Cheshire in England. They were not related on the male line to any Murrays of Tullibardine or Atholl as proven via Y-DNA evidence.

Morrows & McMurrays

Also of note in this project is the inter-relatedness of certain Morrow; McMurray & Murrah surname holders with that of the surname Murray. Further evidence for this relationship can be cited in writings during the early 1800's whereby observers noted that
                            .'the great surname of Murray is pronounced as Morow in the Scottish Borders.'

Potential participants with the surname Morrow and derivatives are advised that quite a number of matches (including exact matches) have occurred with participants from various countries including Scotland, England, Ireland, and throughout Europe and the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada , Nova Scotia and South Africa within our current Murray surname study. Please see the Morrow surname project here on FTDNA, which has excellent resources for those with the surname Morrow. If you are a participant within the Morrow surname project you may add Murray as an additional surname project to your home page once your kit has been returned to FTDNA and results received and you see that you are also matching Murray males within our project. Murray participants along with Sutherland & others are easily able to do the same.

Not all FTDNA participants named Morrow are related to the Murrays, however some definitely are. It is a goal of this project to sort the various Morrow -Murray relationships into their respective family lineages and determine when it was that their surname was changed from Murray to Morrow.

The name McMurray & MacMurray with or without the (a) before the (y) have been shown to be related to both Morrow & Murray male lineages in many of our Groups within the project. This relationship is evidence that various families appended the Mac to their name to possibly distinguish or remove their name association from other Murrays of the era who may have been involved in political intrigues and recalcitrant behavours in the eyes of the British Government of the day. (Which many were!)

Whilst a surname itself may give us incomplete or misleading information about the origin of a family surname; DNA-testing on the other hand can provide the strongest evidence available today for identifying and separating the various family lineages.  Y-chromosome DNA testing is especially helpful because the male Y-chromosome is handed down, father to son from ones paternal Murray ancestors,unchanged through the generations except for rare mutations which, in themselves can be helpful indicators of branching. 

The accessibility and affordability of family DNA testing (now $59 for entry level male yDNA test) is doubtless the greatest technical advance in the history of genealogical research because at long, long last we have a tool to break down those brick walls.

People who have tested with Ancestry; & and 23&Me are now invited to join FamilyTreeDNA for a small nominal fee. Their autosomal DNA results can then be uploaded for Free accordingly. Unlock fee $19 applies for chromosome browser. 

(All Locations) $USD

CURRENT PRICING YDNA Kits from January 2020
Paternal Father-line test to find your Murray lineage. This test will find your exclusive paternal line relatives back from the present -  often to an era prior to the introduction of surnames.

Y-DNA37 markers USD $119 (+ postage) 
Y-DNA111 markers USD $249 (+ postage) 

BiG Y700 markers USD $449 (+postage)

Autosomal Test- Family Finder. Does not trace the father-line exclusively. Will find relatives from ALL branches of your family tree back approximately 5 generations. This test is suitable for Female Murrays as well as males who have a Murray ancestor within approximately 5 generations.

Family Finder USD $79 (+ postage)


Kits available & PRICES PRIOR TO 2020

y12 Test - now $59 +  postage

Y-DNA 25 markers $124 (+  postage)

Y-DNA37 markers $169 (+ postage)
Y-DNA67 markers $268 (+ postage)

Upgrades- current members
Y-Refine 25 to 37 $49.00 (+ postage)
Y-Refine 25 to 67 $148.00 (+ postage)

Family Finder -Male & Female atDNA $69 



Kits are sent all over the world every day from the Laboratory (previously at the University of Arizona) Gene by Gene at Houston Texas. Ordering is a quick and easy process. You may join with a y12 marker Kit, however 12 markers will mainly provide you with your Haplogroup and if your paternal line has rare markers, may certainly indicate probable kinship with others in the project; the y37 and y67 tests will provide much more detailed  information. You should expect that if you commence with only a y12 marker kit, you should upgrade to at least y37 at a later date.  Simply rub a little toothbrush like instrument over the inside of the cheek to collect the sample- quick, easy & painless, then return in the secure packaging provided.

DNA samples are stored for 25 years, so additional testing can be ordered from your personal online profile at any time in the future without you having to provide a further sample.

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ALEXANDRINA  MURRAY: B.A; M.A., Modern History, Macq.

Project Administrator - Plus:

Scotland; European, Australian & New Zealand Murrays/MacMurrays/ Morrow.

Email to Alexandrina Murray   



Dr MATTHEW MURRAY; Ph.D., U.Berkeley.

Human Genome Project researcher

at U. Berkeley whilst undertaking Ph.D.

Coordinator for Queries relating to Haplogroup;

Big Y and Advanced SNP Testing.

Enquiries: email to Dr Matthew Murray



Coordinator Group 7- CHIEF LINE


Murray of STORMONT. Specific Queries.

Enquiries: Email to John B Scott - johnbscott@hotkey.net.au


MacGregor- Murray Group Coordinator.

1:A0 ; 1:A0:1 ; 1:A:1 ; 1:A:1b; 1:A:2 (ORANGE BANNER)

plus SNP Haplogroup Enquiries

plus Ireland Murray / MacMurray not pertaining to Niall Group.

Ancient Pictish Groups ? To be determined.

Email Jack Murray at: JackJohnMurray@gmail.com


(McMurray/ MacMurray Researcher USA)

Niall of the Nine Hostages Group Coordinator Group 2:0 (Mauve Purple Banner)

Email: Michael MacMurray  mcmurraydna@att.net

KEITH MURRAY - Group 4 Coordinator American Pioneers

Morrey of UK & James Morray- Jemima Morgan Group 4:0

Email: Keith Murray



Project Researcher- Pennsylvania & Maryland American Murrays

Email  robertburnsob@gmail.com


Sutherland Clan Genealogist & DNA Project Admin.

Ancient Sutherland ; Moray & Douglas Group 1:A4 (Green Blue Banner)

Email to: Mark Sutherland Fisher  info@cadboll.com

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Motto:  Dexter, Tout prest, Quite Ready.
Arms:  Quarterly, 1st, paly of six Or and Sable (Atholl); 2nd, or, a fess chequy Azure and Argent (Stewart); 3rd, Argent, on a bend Azure three stags' heads cabossed Or (Stanley); 4th, Gules, three legs in armour Proper, garnished and spurred Or, flexed and conjoined in triangle at the upper part of the thigh (Isle of Man); end surtout, on an inescutcheon Azure, three mullets Argent within a Royal Tressure Or (Murray) ensigned of a Marquess' coronet Or (Marquessate of Tullibardine).
Crest:  Dexter, on a Wreath Argent and Azure a mermaid holding in her dexter hand a mirror and in her sinister a comb all Proper.
Supporters:  (on a compartment embellished with juniper) Dexter, a savaged Proper, wreathed about the temples and loins with juniper, his feet in fetters, the chain held in his right hand Proper, sinister, a lion rampant Gules, armed and langued Azure, gorged with a plain collar of the Last charged with three mullets Argent.
Badge:  A hand paleways grasping a key Proper, issuant from and within a chaplet of juniper Proper and ensigned with the coronet of a Duke (Atholl).
Plant:  Juniper, for Atholl and butcher's broom, for Murray.

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