DNA Project for the FAIRBAIRN FAIRBURN FREEBAIRN etc Surnames - Results

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Just think what we could do with more project members.
With only one participant in the surname project, we had already found a 36/37 match with another Family Tree DNA testee.
This indicates a (distant) relationship between the Berwickshire families of:Archibald FAIRBAIRN and Alison CROSSER and Archibald FAIRBAIRN and Mary GRIERSSEN/GIESSEN/GRIERSON.

Subsequent results keep adding to FAIRBAIRN lineage 1, although we do now have two other haplogroups represented and a second lineage forming with Fifeshire FAIRBAIRNs and Irish/Canadian FREEBORN families.
And as of Nov 2009 we also now have excellent lineage 1 matches with a stray IRWIN who exactly matches a stray ELLIOTT !!
By Sep 2011 the project has grown to 48 FAIRBAIRN/ELLIOTT males mostly matching Lineage 1, but with 4 "strays" who didn't match where expected.

Check out the Wanted! page of the FAIRBAIRN One Name Study for some of the FAIRBAIRN families that we are particularly interested in recruiting representatives for.
Wouldn't it be great to combine a few of them up into single trees?

See also the Project Diary and the DNA Surnames site FAIRBAIRN pages.

Don't forget the distaff side.
Although some wanted lines have "daughtered out" we may, eventually, be able to suggest linkages by using mtDNA from some of the earlier FAIRBAIRN women, or FamilyFinder for all those "middle" ancestors, those not on your direct lines.