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About us

The goal for this project is to examine possible links between the diverse groups of FAIRBAIRNs in Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, the States and anywhere else they may have ended up.

To participate for the Y-DNA section of the project the person taking the test MUST be a direct male line descendant of a FAIRBAIRN or variant.
He must also be able to cope with whatever may result.   Not everyone will match where expected.
Read the FAQs and only participate when fully comfortable with the process.

Direct male line FAIRBAIRNs please check whether or not your line is already represented, as it may be better to spend your testing money on FamilyFinder testing instead of Y-DNA.

We recommend at least Y-DNA37, but prefer Y-DNA67 from a direct male line FAIRBAIRN.
Anything less is anthropology, not genealogy, anything more is initially overkill, but may become useful at a later stage when trying to distinguish between matching lines.

If your line is not yet represented or is in the Wanted! lists for more clarification, and you are not a direct male line FAIRBAIRN, then please convince a FAIRBAIRN brother or father or cousin to contribute their Y-DNA.

Everyone who can demonstrate a FAIRBAIRN ancestor, male or female, direct male line or not, is welcome to contribute via FamilyFinder, but do be aware that matches may not be detected if your FAIRBAIRN ancestor is back beyond say 4-6 generations. DNA inheritance may not reflect a paper trail, not because the latter is incorrect, but simply from the random inheritance of atDNA.

For lineage 1e we have made great progress in identifying dna segments inherited from John and Bessie (FLINT) FAIRBAIRN in Melrose (see the chromosome map on John's page in DNA Surnames).

Read the FamilyTreeDNA FAQ pages for details on what the tests may be able to discover for us, and when ready, we would love you to join us, simply click on the request to join.

Y-DNA testing is cheaper via a surname group than if done directly, but if you have already tested, it can be included in the FAIRBAIRN results via the "join" project process.

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