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What should my privacy/sharing and project settings be?
To gain benefit from belonging to a project you need to have set your Project preferences to Limited access only.
The default for new members from late May 2018 is group access only, which is extremely limited.

Limited access allows grouping of your results into their rightful spot with others and the admins to help you with your settings.
Without that setting we are running blind.
If you wish me to help with eg uploading your BigY results to yFull and/or the Big Tree (ytree.net) I need Full access as that setting.
Which is in effect giving me your password but without having to do so and allows the admins so granted to download the files needed for the above analyses.
Please discuss with me first as this is not needed for most members.

Please also review your match and notification settings.
I recommend that:
matching preferences be set to all levels (but see notifications below to reduce email noise)
Opting in to sharing ethnicity and ancient origins with matches
and choosing Public or matches only for Family Tree

I recommend turning OFF yDNA matches at y12 and y25 level as these are really rather a long time ago.

To show your results on project pages please also opt in share on the Group Project profile.
ie this shows your Fairbairn yDNA results compared to others.