DNA Project for the FAIRBAIRN FAIRBURN FREEBAIRN etc Surnames - Goals

The goal for this project is to examine possible links between the diverse groups of FAIRBAIRNs in Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, the States and anywhere else they may have ended up.

Black's "The Surnames of Scotland" entry for FAIRBAIRN posits that it is a "metathesis for Frebern" and mentions a correspondent of Rev. Robert Wodrow in 1705 spelling the name indifferntly as 'Farbairn' and 'Freebairn'.
Stephen Fairburn, burgess of Berwick on Tweed, held the hostelry of the abbot and convent of Arbroath in Dundee a. 1327. A James Forbrayne, admitted burgess freeman of Glasgow, 1601 may be an erroneous spelling.
Other variants he notes are Faribarne 1536 and ffairbairne 1646.
Under FREEBAIRN he mentions (amongst others):
  • Robert FREBORN or FREBERN making a gift of two carucates to the Abby of Neubotle c 1150 and witnessing the grant be Serlo, clericus regis, to the Abbey of kelso.
  • About 1153 Radulf FREBERN had a grant from Malcolm IV;
  • Walter FREBERN witnessed a charter by Hugh, cancellarius regis, to the Abbey of Arbroath;
  • Robert son of Robert FREBORN, witnessed a charter of the third part of Lambertun c 1190-1200;
  • Robert, son of Robert FREBERN, witnessed a charter by David, son of Tructe in favour of Kelso Abbey c 1200; John FREEBURN in Polkem, parish of Livingstone, 1702;
  • Charles FREEBAIN a racksman of Persabus, Islay 1780

We are therefore not particularly fussy about whether you are a FAIRBAIRN, a FAIRBURN or a FREEBAIRN, or any other variant you think relates, even accepting the more English FAIRCHILD, (it turned up in some American descendants of Scottish FAIRBAIRNs).

But to participate the person taking the test MUST be a direct male line descendant of a FAIRBAIRN or variant.
He must also be able to cope with whatever may result.
Read the FAQs and only participate when fully comfortable with the process.

My particular FAIRBAIRN family stems from Swinton in Berwickshire and lived in Morebattle, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
Others have researched several families from the Scottish Borders with emigrations to Canada and the States, and elsewhere, with several lines in the States taking the surname FAIRCHILD.
Links are "felt" to exist, but cannot be proven via surviving records, it is therefore hoped that DNA testing may provide evidence for the suspected links.
Subsidies may be available for the first of a line to test, or where a test may contribute towards resolving a particular question in the results.
Contact the Project Admin via the World Family Network FAIRBAIRN surname pages or the links on the DNA Surnames Supplementary pages

Analysis and lineage information for the FAIRBAIRNs world wide may be found on the Fairbairn One Name Study pages