DNA Project for the FAIRBAIRN FAIRBURN FREEBAIRN etc Surnames- Background



Fairbairn, Fairbairns, Fairbarns, Fairben, Fairburn, Fairchild, Freebairn


If you came to this page because you are interested in FAIRBAIRN (& variant surnames) family genealogy, then some of you may have already "met" me in the course of your own research.
The DNA project began in Oct 2007, and eventually also resulted in the FAIRBAIRN Surname One Name Study being set up.
My webpages have details of the family I am particularly interested in. I am excited by the possibilities opening up with the addition of the science of DNA testing to the armoury of tools available to genealogists and I hope you are too, and will participate in this survey.

All you need is to be on a direct line of FAIRBAIRN men, and 5 minutes of your time to provide the swab needed for the tests.
If you lack, as I do, a Y chromosome, but are still interested, then convince a FAIRBAIRN brother or father or cousin to participate instead, or try FamilyFinder if your FAIRBAIRN ancestor is within 4-6 generations.
Read the familytreeDNA FAQ pages (link at left) for details on what the tests may be able to discover for us, and when ready, we would love you to join us, simply click on the request to join link at left.
Testing is cheaper via a surname group than if done directly, but if you have already had a test done, it can be included in the FAIRBAIRN results via the "join" process.

Contact Fairbairndna@@ gmail.com for further information (need to remove one of the @ symbols and the space)

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