Clan Cameron DNA Project - News

Please see the detailed information for the Project at

The thing that could make the project more complete and meaningful for all is if participants could have their results posted on the Cameron website -- not by name, unless you might chose to make your name known -- but by the Kit Number, issued when you sign up with FamilyTree DNA. Even if you sign the release form you receive with your test, your name will never be released unless you so specify. Your search for your earliest ancestor will be enhanced by your communication with others sharing the same markers as your.

We hope to gather as much information about each participant as possible. It is not required that you disclose information about living members of your line, or at least in a way that might constitute an invasion of privacy. We encourage you to provide the following information to and, most important, to post a GEDCOM once your test results are returned.
1. Participant FTDNA number (not necessary for GEDCOM)
2. Paternal Line (w/spouse(s) names)
3. Family Notes (area where ancestors were from, noted Cameron families, etc.)
4. Significance, Relationship (we would determine this, based on results)

If you have other questions or concerns, you should contact your Group Administrator at