Amason, Amberson, Amerson, Ameson, Amis, Amison, Amiss, Ammons, Amons, Amos, Amoson, Amoss, Amosson, Emberson, Emersen, Emerson, Emison, Emmerson, Emmyrson, Emyrson


Amason, Amerson and Emerson researchers have worked together to establish the relationships and ancestry of our fragmented Emerson/Emmerson and Amason/Amerson families.   Relationships between Amason and Amerson families and Emerson or Emmerson families, have also been explored. Often families with these surname spellings lived in the same locations, in the same time frame.

Much has been accomplished in our research in the last 25 years. Still, in many cases, through research, connections between our various family branches, have not been established.  Individual results in our Y-DNA project indicate that most Amason and Amerson descendants DO NOT share common ancestry with descendants with the Emerson or Emmerson surnames.  The few Amerson Y-DNA participants in our project who more closely match groups of Emersons most likely adopted the Amerson spelling at some point.

This project may help determine the earliest common ancestor of Southern Amason and Amerson, and/or Emerson and Emmerson families, for each known branch of an Amason, Amerson, Emerson, or Emmerson family. At the least, the project should provide new information, which, when considered along with other research information, will suggest, or in the best case scenario, determine our common ancestry.

A DNA project can also establish the early geographical origins of our families, and may indicate which branches include Native American ancestry.

Our project has been expanded to include mtDNA participants and Family Finder participants. 

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