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Please contact the Administrator of the project before ordering a kit. At this time, since the Y-67 kit is no longer available, the Y-111 marker kit is recommended. Y-111 extended results provide the most value to our Y-DNA project and other participants. Amason, Amerson, Amberson, Amis(s), Amons/Ammons, Amos(s), Emerson, Emmerson, Emberson, Emison and any other spelling variations of the surnames are invited to identify possible common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. If your surname is not represented in this project and you feel the surname should be included, please contact the Administrator. mtDNA and Family Finder (at-DNA) participants are included in our Emerson Amerson Amason DNA Project. Use the link to request a JOIN authorization for this project. For more information, please contact the Administrator.