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In 2002 the first DNA test was performed on a Wallis descendant. Since that time, DNA matches have occurred proving the long-held belief that several of the men tested descend from a common ancestor. For some Wallace/Wallis lines, this validated research which was supported by solid documentation. For other lines, it provided the much needed scientific proof of a common ancestor which cannot otherwise be proven due to the lack of extant paper records.

If you descend from any Wallace or Wallis line, or think you might or wish you did, participating in this DNA project could help your research considerably and provide some much needed proof or direction for further research.

The tests are done on the Y-chromosome which is passed from father to son, and he to his son, etc., thus PARTICIPANTS MUST BE MALE AND HAVE WALLACE or WALLIS surname ALL THE WAY DOWN THE MALE LINE. If you are a female and wish to have your line participate in the Project, a male cousin, uncle, brother, etc., can provide the DNA for your line.

If you are interested in joining the Wallace-Wallis Y-DNA study, please contact the Project Manager (above) for additional information. We have obtained special group rates which are much less expensive than a research trip, and no vital body parts are required - just a simple swab of the inside of the cheek. There is no discomfort at all, and results are available in about 60 days.

To join the Wallace-Wallis DNA Project, participants must test at least 37 markers, and provide their Wallace/Wallis lineage, including all known dates and locations for births, deaths, and marriages including spouse information, back to their earliest known Wallace ancestor.

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