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William H. 'Bill' Wallace William H. 'Bill' Wallace
Yesterday at 10:12am
TRIGG COUNTY KENTUCKY WALLIS FAMILY Members of this Wallis Family moved from Chester County SC to Trigg County KY in the early 1800s. Have any of the male members of this family tested y-DNA?
November 10 @ 11:00pm
Good evening, I am relatively new to FTDNA and am wondering how I can see if I have Wallis matches. My direct ancestors are James Shelley William Wallis 1859 - 1945 b. Smith County TX - son of John Wallis 1798 - 1862 b. Chester SC - son of Hugh Wallis 1775 - 1812 unknown place of birth - son of William B. Wallis who emigrated from Scotland in 1783. It would be nice to make some connections! Have a blessed evening.
William H. 'Bill' Wallace
January 11 @ 1:24pm
Vavette please go to my very incomplete Wallace&Wallis Website at Http://sites.rootsmagic.com/wwatdna and look up Wallis, James Shelley and help me with errors and additions. Thanks for your help which I typed into the database today which will be in my nex post.
William H. 'Bill' Wallace
January 11 @ 1:38pm
Sorry, I need to repost the above-referenced site. Let me work on it some more today and repost tomorrow.
William H. 'Bill' Wallace
January 11 @ 6:56pm
Raybon, there are 5 or more Wallace-Wallis Families that are still represented in Talladega County AL or have moved through the county. Give me some names for your kin when they lived in Talladega County and I may be able to help you.
William H. 'Bill' Wallace
Yesterday at 9:41am
I had a male from Talladega County AL do y-DNA and he was R-M269. His paperwork looked good. Don, do you know if any of the male descendants in Trigg County KY have tested y-DNA?
Bruce Wallace Bruce Wallace has a question!
January 14 @ 5:01pm
Hello, again. My mistake, my Dad, Bruce Wallace's BigY is not finished yet. Should be soon though. Thanks! Stacey Wallace Rehbein
Bruce Wallace Bruce Wallace has a question!
January 14 @ 9:50am
Hello, My Dad's DNA has been on FTDNA and this project for a few years now. He just finished the Big Y after going through several upgrades. Not really sure what to do with the results since the Big Y returned with no matches. Our oldest known male ancestor is JOHN Wallace, b. 1719, Grandtully, Perthshire, Scotland with parents of Robert Wallace and Christian McGregor. JOHN was the Head Gardener at Murthly Castle and I believe both Murthly and Grandtully were owned by the same family. He was succeeded as gardener in turn, by 3 of his sons. It is said that JOHN'S father and grandfather were Head Gardeners for the same family. JOHN's Grandson immigrated with his family to Westchester, NY in 1848. I am hoping to make some connections. Thank you so much for helping.
Kathleen Wallace Kathleen Wallace
January 3 @ 11:43am
I'm looking for Irish Wallaces who are descended from or related to Patrick (Staker) Wallace, my four times great grandfather. Staker was a local hero in the Kilfinane area in Ireland. His story can be found on the internet. My great grandfather, also named Patrick Wallace, was born in Bulgaden, Ireland which is in the southeastern corner of County Limerick, Ireland. He came to Kane Co., Illinois with his parents probably between 1845 and 1850. I know that his father bought land from the federal government in 1850. My brother's paternal haplogroup is R-FGC12990 which is considered Irish Type III. More extensive testing has not been done.
Donald K Wallace
January 6 @ 2:45am
I looked at your Family Finder matches. I did not find a Staker match but you have some interesting Wallace matches. One is to a living Scot named Wallace of Stirling, Scotland who has downstream Wallaces migrating to this country from Ireland in the 1600s (In Stirling, I stood with this Wallace cousin for a picture 2 summers ago); another is of a branch related to the above identifying a migration to this country from Ireland in the 1700s and another Wallace migrating to Australia from Ireland in the 1800s. These Wallaces are of varying male YDNA types, the Wallace migrating to Australia being of the generic haplogroup of your brother, the R haplogroup. While you are searching for Irish Wallaces, it would be helpful for you to publish your family tree to help others find you.
Patricia Anderson
January 6 @ 2:12pm
Where can I learn more about Wallace of Stirling, Scotland?
Gloria Wallace
January 7 @ 4:38pm
Hi Kathleen, I looked a lot at Staker Wallace and descending families while searching for my own Wallaces. I found that I did not descend from him. His story is certainly an interesting one. You may have already seen it but as I recall, there was a very well documented tree on Family Search which explored descending lines.
Donald K Wallace
January 7 @ 6:08pm
Thank you, Gloria, I did not pick up on Patrick (Staker) Wallace as Staker Wallace. Maybe you and Kathleen can fill us in on Staker Wallace of Ireland
Karol Wallace-Walbancke Karol Wallace-Walbancke
December 4 @ 2:55pm
Hello Wallace kin :) I am at a roadblock on my direct Wallace line. Who is connected? My brother is sending in his Family Finder and Y-DNA37 kit soon, hopefully we'll turn up something definitive. Francis Marion Wallace 1923-2017 (my father) John Hampton Wallace 1878-1931 (grandfather) John Calhoun Wallace 1837-1914 (g-grandfather) William Wallace 1818-1886 (gg-grandfather) Isham Wallace (ggg-grandfather) (No hard data on Isham, purely family legend/theory.) Isham had 3 children that we know of: Jackson, William, and Eleanor Wallace Ingram.
December 9 @ 2:29pm
Hi Karol, although my main focus is the surname Braswell, I'm happy to help you out if I am able to. I have access to 'some' early Chesterfield SC records and for areas in SC prior to the formation of counties such as the Camden District, etc...would you like me to do a look-up for you in those records if you have not already done so?
Karol Wallace-Walbancke
January 3 @ 8:29am
Sure, that would be great! Thank you very much!
Karol Wallace-Walbancke Karol Wallace-Walbancke
December 4 @ 5:01pm
My grandfather, John Hampton Wallace (1878-1931). He was around 19 years of age in this photo. Society Hill, Chesterfield County, South Carolina
Donald K Wallace
December 13 @ 11:57pm
Not many of us have visual representations extending backwards to our great great grandfather. I take yours to be an actual photograph. Congratulations.
Karol Wallace-Walbancke
January 3 @ 8:27am
It is an actual photograph. My uncle, Dalpha Wallace was a photographer and was able to restore many of our old family photos.
John Thomas Alexander John Thomas Alexander
November 18 @ 9:03pm
Hello! Thought I would post to say thank you for adding me to the group and introduce my DNA... I'm kit # 854149 I seem to have a link on both paternal and maternal likes to the surname Wallis who happens to be a member of this project. Maternal grandmother is McDonald surname, maternal grandfather is McDaniel surname and paternal connection would be the Alexander surname. I'm a member of the Alexander DNA project and have been placed in the "Glasgow Alexander group in that project.
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John Thomas Alexander
November 23 @ 3:27pm
Glad my DNA can help to sort things out! Given the Paternal and Maternal connections of my DNA would it be helpful for both of my parents to join the project as well? Both recently tested... I also have a McDaniel uncle who has tested...
Donald K Wallace
November 25 @ 11:31am
Sure, adding your parents will help you sort out from which side you descend from which Wallace. If advantageous, you may add your McDaniel uncle later.
S. Catherine Tyrrell
December 31 @ 11:01am
Hello John. Do you know if you have any family history going back to Alabama? I am a descendant of Samuel Alexander of Lamar/Marion Co. whose father's name was John Alexander. The family moved into Alabama from South Carolina to settle in Indian Territory. Here's a link giving some insight into the family. I have solved most of my brick walls, but lost track of the Alexander family after my Samuel died. ..... https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/205530/seeking-mothers-maiden-name-of-liza-eliza-alexander-b-1842
John Thomas Alexander
January 2 @ 8:29pm
Thank you for the note! I would love to determine who ?my Samuel" is. Unfortunately I'm currently stuck at Thomas Alexander b. 1799 (North Carolina) - d. 1858 (Missouri) I'm hoping to find one of the descendents of a Samuel who is a DNA match to help definitively answer who "my" samuel is... Will certainly take a look at your info! I've had correspondence with another gentleman likely related to me via a Wallace/Wallis connection who mentioned the surname of Rankin... I need to get both mom and dad's DNA into the project to help sort things out... I have byth X and Y matches to Wallis/Wallis people which is making things... interesting. Thus far I'm not aware of an Alabama connection but I still have LOTS of work to further develop the tree. Thus far I have seen North Carolina, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri.. LOTS of Missouri It doesn't help that there seem to be two Thomas Alexander's in Indiana at the same time both married to women named Mary/Polly... One was born in 1795, one was born in 1799. I'm purely guessing but think they may be cousins?? Can't say for sure without more work.
S. Catherine Tyrrell S. Catherine Tyrrell
December 31 @ 11:18am
Since the Alexanders and Wallace/Wallis families seem very connected (we've had two Alexander posts on here recently), I thought it might be interesting to see if anyone can make a connection with this family bible information. I am descended from this line, and find it interesting that the Alexanders and Estills (Wallace descendants) lived and traveled in the same company (but then again, they were all Scottish). .... http://www.biblerecords.com/alexander.html
Donald K Wallace Donald K Wallace
November 13 @ 11:04am
Donald K Wallace
November 13 @ 11:09am
National Register commemorative sign for the block house built by Wallace Estill in 1773 along the Bullpasture River in what is now Bath County, Virginia. Received from S. Catherine Tyrrell.
Roy Robertson
November 18 @ 4:56pm
Very nice
Lane Redwine
December 19 @ 8:28pm
192673 GRP 5 - Lt. William Wallace b. 1755, prob. Ireland was my 4th g-grandfather. They came from Parish of Aroutraw in the County of Tyrone in 1773 to SC. Has anyone found any more history of the family in Ireland or Scotland?