TROTT-DNA Surname Project- Background



Tratt, Treat, Trett, Trood, TROTT


This Y-DNA project is open to any TROTT surname male, including name variants such as TRETT, TROUT, TREAT, TRATT, TROOD. The individual being tested MUST be a male with no female interruption in his lineage from his earliest TROTT ancestor. Female researchers may also join through testing of a closely related TROTT-variant surname male (father, brother or male cousin) as only males carry Y-DNA.

Our TROTT-DNA Surname Project is sponsored by TROTT One-Name Research Group (TONRG). The objective is to assist TROTT researchers in proving connections to their countries of origin. Some TROTT lines originated in England, others are from Germany.

TROTTs were in the U.S. and Canada by the 1600s; still others sailed to Australia and New Zealand. Building a database of different lines will enable us to be grouped by our DNA patterns. We will be able to compare groups to discover connections you might otherwise never have found. DNA testing gives you the opportunity locate YOUR family line. Why waste years researching a line that may not be yours!

The world-wide TROTT DNA Surname Project is now available to you as an extension of your genealogy studies. With the use of DNA testing, we hope you will be able to remove blocks and create crossroads in the traditional paper trails to connect with others of the same DNA. We are currently seeking MALE TROTTs for Y-DNA testing. If interested in joining, please contact the Group Administrator.

TROTT researchers may also want to consider visiting the TROUT-DNA Research Project, which includes the DRAUDT, DRAUT, DRUDE, TRAUDT, TRAUT, TRAUTH, TRAUTT, TROUT, TROUTS, TROUTT, TROUTZ, and TRUDE spelling variations. The TROUT project provides a wide variety of traditional genealogical research resources, as well as a fully developed Y-DNA testing project. Current TROUT project members are from the USA, Germany, Canada, and England.

TONRG members already doing Y-DNA testing through the TROTT-DNA Surname Project are reminded that the host testing company, FamilyTreeDNA, will now allow membership of an unlimited number of projects at a time without any extra cost or effort. Contact Group Administrator for additional details. We invite you to explore this project site by choosing one of the tabs above. GOALS outlines our objectives. NEWS provides a brief outline of participants' family histories. RESULTS offers comments on DNA results. Y-RESULTS is a visual graph comparing DNA results.

This page was last updated on March 15, 2011.